Osun PDP Strengthens with Addition of Philanthropist Dr. Adewale Majeed Salami

Today marked a significant moment for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ejigbo Local Government as Dr. Adewale Majeed Salami, renowned philanthropist and business tycoon, officially joined the party ranks.

Fondly known as “Transformer” and hailing from Ilawo ward-9, Dr. Majeed expressed his commitment to political engagement and identified PDP as the ideal platform lldue to its widespread democratic principles and transformative agenda of His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke in Osun State.

In a ceremony graced by PDP leadership and local dignitaries, Dr. Majeed was welcomed by Alhaji Sule Oyedeji, the PDP leader in Ilawo ward-9, who presented him to Hon. Moshood Salawudeen, the PDP Chairman of Ejigbo Local Government. Hon. Salawudeen formally introduced Dr. Majeed to the party hierarchy, assuring him of equitable treatment as a valued member.

Hon. George Alabi, the Osun State Commissioner for Land and Physical Planning and overall PDP leader in Ejigbo Local Government, lauded the addition of Dr. Majeed to the party, acknowledging it as a substantial boost. He commended party members for their steadfastness in making PDP the dominant political force in Ejigbo Local Government. “Your arrival,” he remarked, “will undoubtedly bring blessings and strengthen our commitment to democratic ideals.” Hon George Alabi christened Dr. Adewale as the Abraham of the recent time in Ejigbo PDP as he illustrated in the parable of God’s promise for Abraham in the Holy Bible. He further assured party faithfuls that, many are still coming to our party, we will ensure that PDP becomes the only dominant party in Ejigbo Local Government.

In a gesture of goodwill and solidarity, Dr. Majeed Adewale presented a generous cash donation of 1,450,000 Naira to PDP leaders, members, and stakeholders present at the event, he emphasized that, his primary motive is to support the second term/reelection bid of His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke so that the developmental projects within the State could continue beyond this first term. This act underscored his dedication to supporting Osun State, the party’s activities and community initiatives.

The occasion concluded with expressions of optimism and unity among PDP members, affirming their collective resolve to uphold democratic values and work towards a prosperous Ejigbo Local Government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The arrival of Dr Adewale is more than a blessing to PDP in Ejigbo Local Government in a time when some arrogant individuals felt that PDP can’t exist in Ejigbo Local Government without their supports.

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