(OPINION) Omipidan: A Parrot Encapsulated In Hypocrisy, Envy And Insubordination

By Sesan Adeleke

Silence is golden but not for an extremist, goon and or confusionist. By the singular insignia of Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the erstwhile Governor of Osun State, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, Mr. Ismail Omipidan has committed several goofs in the name of defending a failed attempt to hold the state down for personal aggrandizement of a few over the majority.

Omipidan, though pained to the marrow that his Principal lost his imposed grip on the state by a loud rejection of Osun people at the polls, he has gradually grown from bad to worse in reasoning, human relations, known morality and social decency.

The politics of bitterness, propaganda and vendetta, which his sadistic paymaster chose, has engulfed the intellectual standing of Mr. Omipidan, making him totally lost in the wilderness self-inflicted affliction, thus began attacking individuals, without having exhausted issues hanging on the neck of Oyetola maladministration in Osun State for four years.

Mr. Omipidan’s agony of being booted out of the public office he enjoyed on a platter of gold on 27th November 2022, has constituted himself to be a public noise whose voice of reasoning has portrayed a deviant, disgruntled, and an unscrupulous extremist in his personality. Pundits and political analysts have attested to this.

Latest of Mr. Omipidan’s rant is a pebble thrown at his kinsman, a political juggernaut, a gentlemen of peace and a Reverend, Honourable Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Bunmi Jenyo who set the records straight on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) projects abandoned to rodents by Oyetola’s administration in Iragbiji and Dagbolu. It is crucial to note that varying Training Equipments were left under lock and keys without proper handing over to the incoming government of Sen. Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke.

Come to think of it, what moral, pedigree or antecedent does Omipidan possess to smear the person of the Commerce Commissioner as “unworthy of holding public office”?. Whenever he is settled down from his distress occasioned by his failure to retain his post for the hatchet job for Honourable Minister for Blue Economy, Oyetola, Omipidan needs to be tutored of the personality, pedigree and experience of Jenyo and then, publicly tender an unreserved apology for such a careless utterance.

The ever-transparent Jenyo, who is supposed to be Omipidan’s brother, both from Ila-Orangun, has traversed the political landscape of the land of ‘Oduduwa’ if not Nigeria, as the PDP Zonal Secretary in the South West. Charity they say, begins at home, Omipidan should not have thrown moral values into the wind for politics, even if ‘a prophet is not always popular in his hometown’.

Omipidan in his pitiful outcry has forgotten that Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State sworn-in Commissioners on 19th July 2023, in his characteristic manner, Omipidan was asking Jenyo “what did he do since May when he assumed office”?, as Commissioner. Indeed, very ridiculous! Omipidan is conspicuously lost in reasons and reality.

The stories built around an NGO’s Hospital Eguipments donated to Ila-Orangun community, by Mr. Omipidan is equally laughable as members of the public are aware, the community leaders from the Orangun of Ila-Orangun, HRM Oba Abdulwahab Olukayode Oyedotun, Bibire I to other relevant stakeholders of the ancient town know the true position.

Mr. Omipidan in his wishful thinking and meretricious juxtaposition should produce where the government of Sen. Adeleke said it purchased the hospital equipments, or where he said he started Osogbo/Ikirun/Ila-Odo road, which truly is in public knowledge and understanding that it was kickstarted by Governor Rauf Aregbesola, abandoned by Oyetola and completed to Ikirun boundary by the incumbent, Sen. Ademola Adeleke.

No iota of doubt, it is in the loss of Governor Oyetola in his second term bid, who believed he could agressively hold the state at its jugular, forgetting that change is constant and that government is a continuum, that it becomes known to Osun people, how desperate and selfish he was, to stampede the progress of Osun State.

Without mincing words, placing Rev. Bunmi Jenyo and former Governor Oyetola, Omipidan’s principal side by side, it is crystal clear that the latter is the one unfit in handling the affairs of public office.

Few people of integrity left around Mr. Omipidan should do the needful and guide him to forestall further recklessness. Rev. Bunmi Jenyo is a political giant who cannot be thrashed by a “rat” like Ismail Omipidan. He should sit back for reasoning please.

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