Osun unveils 2024 Health Sector Annual Operational Plan

Osun State Government in collaboration with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF on Thursday unveiled the 2024 Health Sector Annual Operational Plan, which is to serve as a guideline aimed at improving healthcare delivery in the state.

Speaking at the event held in Osogbo, The State’s Commissioner for Health Barr. Jola Akintola disclosed that the Annual operational plan, AOP will serve as a guide for collective efforts aimed at improving healthcare delivery, addressing challenges, and ensuring residents’ access to quality and affordable health service.

He further stressed that the annual operational plan is a written plan of the ministry’s plan of what they intend to do in the year 2024, adding that the plan has already been in place before the preparation of the budget and it has been included in the 2024 budget.

“It is about preparing, development and dissemination of annual operational plan, AOP of the health sector. This is the first time the AOP is prepared, developed and disseminated the same year. This is just a written plan of what we are going to do in the year 2024 and thank God we got this ready before the preparation of the budget and all has been included in the 2024 budget.

“The AOP is planned and will be implemented for the benefits of our people by improving their health. Out of the 4 quarters that we have in a year, UNICEF will be financing 2 quarters while the state government will be financing 2 quarters too. Quarterly review of our performance will be carried out so as to achieve our 100% implementation target,” he said.

Akintola expressed gratitude to contributors and partners for their support, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that led to positive outcomes in formulating and sharing yearly health sector strategies.

Speaking earlier, Dr. Olakunle Famakinwa, the Director of Planning and Research, emphasized the benefits of the AOP if effectively implemented on the lives of the state’s populace.

He acknowledged the involvement of various health partners in addressing issues such as TB, leprosy, malnutrition, and immunization.

According to him; “The document highlights the interconnectedness of health, sustainable development, and national productivity. Government’s ongoing investments in health sector reforms is to establish a modern and efficient healthcare delivery system for the citizens of Osun State.”

Representatives from WHO, UNICEF, ACOMIN and ECEWS in their goodwill messages, expressing appreciation to the state government for their support, providing a conducive and enabling environment for their activities.

They stressed on the importance of maintaining a flawless scorecard to achieve a 100% success rate.

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