When Davido Stormed Tafawa Balewa Square With “Timeless” – Laface

Sunday April 23, 2023, marked a great day in the annals of Nigeria’s entertainment and music industry in particular.

It was the day that sensational musician, Davido, Omo Baba Olowo decided to change the usual narrative.

He creatively opted for Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) Ground as a concert venue as opposed to the usual Eko Hotel regular syndrome.

I must commend his courage to think out of the box with a mindset to change the norm and his willingness to ponder on doing something different.

He indeed creatively took full advantage of the massive poignantly located venue.

The massive stage and eye-popping set was simply magnifico, pardon my Italian lingo.

The beautiful and artistic screen-based set that depicted the popular and familiar symbol of the National Theatre was a beauty to behold.

Seriously, without the heavy presence of the area boys outside the venue, it could have actually passed for a concert at the Wembley Arena or the Madison Square Garden.

The lighting was apt and professionally synchronised to match the music trend.

From a professional point of view, the concept design and activation must have set him back a few bucks, but what is that to Omo Baba Olowo, who has attained unimaginable heights himself as a globally acclaimed international brand.

He indeed lived up to his billing as the most popular Nigerian act globally today.

The sound output was sycronised, engulfing the whole arena like a dome.

The venue plan and layout were impressive considering it’s humongous size.

TBS has historically engulfed and demystified many topline performers and events.

Davido’s performance was electric as he belted out from his old and new tracks as implied by the concert timeless tagged;
“The TIMELESS Concert” was indeed all encompassing.

One thing was certain as always, he meant to deliver and deliver he sure did.

The major highlight of the event was the glamourous and triumphant arrival of the amiable Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke, who made it a point of duty to rep the Adeleke Dynasty and support the Davido course.

An overly elated Davido, on sighting his uncle, stopped his performance to announce his arrival as the audience went wild chanting “IMOLE DE IMOLE DE” on sighting the dancing senator who has changed the face of politics in Nigeria for good.

The area boys in the heart of Lagos were at their best behavior and became positive forces knowing fully well that Omo Baba Olowo will do the needful and never disappoint.

Davido took a great gamble staging such a massive open concert at this time of the year.

The dark clouds came down heavily at different times before and during the concert, but guess what with special reference to Ola Rotimi, the gods also refused to be blamed and have also by their conduct professed to be ardent spiritual adoras of the Davido brand.

At a point, when I saw how heavy the sky was, it brought back memories of the heavily attended and rained out Caron Wheeler and Soul to Soul Concert were for the first time Glastonbury was re-echoed in Nigeria.

The “Timeless” venue layout was impeccable; security was heavy and tight but helpful and informative.

The sponsoring brands had a field day with brand leveraging and exploitation.

From a legendary promoters point of view, it was indeed a night to remember as revellers partied till the wee hours of the morning.

Yes some will say big churches have successfully used the TBS with their humongous spiritual following, but as an individual artist, Davido has indeed deviated from the usual and as such created the new norm and a new beginning in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

His billing was solo styled, making it a bigger challenge to surmount.

Kudos to you my dear brother as you have officially come of super age and forever remain “TIMELESS.”

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