Why I’m qualified to be Nigeria’s President — Adeleke

The Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has said that he is qualified and competent to be the President of Nigeria, adding that he would grab the opportunity if it arises.

In an exclusive interview with Arise News, on Friday, the governor, who also spoke on his ongoing works in Osun State, said that he is determined to make Osun a great state.

Adeleke said, “Well, if God says it is time for me to become president, I am qualified to be the president of Nigeria, so why not? I will grab it and take care of my people.”

Adeleke, however, said that his future political ambition to be the president of Nigeria is in the hands of God.

He also talked about the 2022 governorship election, noting that the BVAS that was introduced by the Independent National Electoral Commission was beneficial to him during the election, adding that he would have rigged out in the election without the BVAS.

“I have already formed a lot of committees and they are bringing everything. I’m working 24/7 to make sure that Osun is great.

“I inherited a huge debt, about almost forty-something billion. So I started paying them half my salary slowly, little by little. I think I have paid about four times now, the fifth one is coming. And then, the pensioners, I’m paying them too. I gave them free medical care and all that. So that’s part of the palliatives.

“All our primary healthcare, I went there, I visited myself. So, they told me that so a governor can come and visit? I said my own governor is different. They had to start fixing all the health centers, about 332 wards simultaneously, they were fixing it.”

When asked about the efforts he has put in place to fix all federal roads that were bad in the state, he said, “I have suspended federal roads, but I will complete the one that I started. So, I started fixing the state roads, and of course, the hinterlands. I don’t just do surface. In fact, most of the roads that the APC claims that they fixed, it was through the Federal Government intervention. So, that means that they did not do any roads.

“Part of my agenda includes tourism, culture, and entertainment. And we have gold too, and they did nothing about that. So, we are doing a lot to improve our IGR. We have bitumen, we have a lot of it in Osun State, we have to just tap it.”

Credit: ARISEtv

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