Justice Kume “Buga” creates more enemies for Tinubu, Oyetola, APC in Osun

By seyi Adeniyi

The Osun Election Petition Tribunal headed by Justice Tearse Kume “Buga” has delivered his terrible verdict. Many thanks to that courageous and unblemish Justice B.A Ogbuli for setting the record straight through his own judgement.

Yes, Osun citizens have organized a peaceful protest to reject the Buga judgement, which is guaranteed under the constitution. But it is not yet time to relax. Tinubu and Oyetola are working both day and night to make sure that electoral act 2022, signed by President Muhammadu Buhari is rubbished, because they know the danger that is ahead of them.

It is obvious that BVAS has come to put a stop to all forms of rigging, which we all know APC for – Osun as a case study. Recall, President Buhari has told Nigerians that they should vote for candidate of their choice, that the era of using state apparatus to suppress people’s will is over. This didn’t go down well with Tinubu and his gangs, hence they result into blackmailing PDP for the fuel scarcity created by his party. Is this not laughable?

What Tinubu and Oyetola did at the tribunal wad just an attempt to attack the innovation of BVAS machines which they know it won’t favour them, because no reasonable Nigerians will vote APC in the forthcoming elections. Hence, they only rely on rigging.

By the grace of God, the hatched job did by Justice Kume “Buga” will be reviewed at the Appeal Court and Oyetola and his co-travelers will be put to shame.

I want to implore all the good people of Osun, supporters of Governor Ademola Adeleke and lovers of PDP to begin to campaign vigorously from House to House, Ward to Ward, Local Government to Local Government, why Tinubu/APC presidency should be rejected. He has nothing to offer Nigerians. The hardship we are witnessing today is enough to reject them.

In the forthcoming general elections, let’s vote massively for PDP, so that the whole world would know that truly Adeleke won that election legitimately.

From the point of law, the tribunal chairman lacked jurisdiction by virtue of section 51(1),(2),(3) & (4) of the electoral act, 2022, to declare Oyetola the winner after cancelling votes of the parties on the basis of the server report, even though the BVAS machines themselves and the forms EC8As tendered before the tribunal did not establish such.

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