Life is not that hard, Frederick Leonard tells marriage critics

Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard isn’t allowing his marital status keep him away from his female friends and colleagues as he deeply hugged a female colleague

The married actor has sent a message to his naysayers, bashing him for getting intimate with the oppos!te sex.

In a video posted online, Frederick could be seen deeply hugging a female as they exchanged pleasantries.

Frederick noted how Nigerians always expect married men to keep their female friends at arm’s length.

But he is an exception to that as he can’t throw them away.

Describing Nigerians as illiterate, he pointed out how he always needs to explain himself to them without the oppos!te gender.

So the friends that I have before I got married, I should throw them away. The problem with Nigeria is that 75% of Nigerians are illiterate. So you now begin to over-explain yourself and open their brains. Life is not that hard we are still young people”, he said.

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