Abuja Running Club: Capturing the Surge of Running Culture in Nigeria

By Oladele Olawale

All around the world, running is a highly popular sport for people, and it seems that over the past 3-4 years, Nigerian, particularly Abuja Residents have been catching the running bug en masse.

Documentary photographer Olawale Oladele spent a month capturing members of the Abuja Run Club, a focal point to illustrate the increasing popularity of running in Abuja.

The members of the club run for all sorts of reasons, some not even related to running, but the community it fosters among participants. However, all were aware of its astounding health benefits.

As any cardiovascular specialist would repeatedly say, any sort of rigorous to semi-rigorous activity done at regular and sufficiently long intervals is directly correlated with a reduction in the risks of cardiovascular diseases, with cardiovascular diseases ranked as the second and third leading causes of death in Nigeria.

This increasing popularity, not just of running but all other forms of exercise, is a benefit for the nation as a whole.

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