Google Mapping of Osun and the future of economic growth in Osun state

By Tokode Theophilus

The internet was filled with updates today about the recent move of the current administration in osun state to launch the google mapping of the state and all economic units in the state I.e businesses.

This announcement is part of the target of the Senator Ademola Adeleke’s led regime for the first 100days in office. For those who do not know how or why this move is crucial for our state at this time kindly read through.

Firstly, the economic situation of our state is in dissary as most businesses do not have quality patronage and thus result in total collapse or low income for the business owners in the state.

The google mapping of all business units in the state is to ensure a good way of attracting customers and patronage as every citizen who is in need of one service or the other can always find a vendor to satisfy their need. You will recall that the governor during his campaign has promised to attract quality investors into the state.

Now for instance a visitor in the state who needs a hotel to lodge can always book hotels online after accessing different options available within his location, automatically that translates into business growth for such hotel .

Secondly the move to google map osun will further enable business owners to be more proactive in the delivery of quality services and healthy competition.

A food vendor who knows there are plenty vendors to serve customers online will strive for a good/quality review from customers to put their business ahead of others and at the same vein, poor service will be graded independently by customers .

This will enable the opinion of consumers count on the measurement of service delivery in the state.

Thirdly , the move will enhance a rapid increase in innovation, tech awareness and economic viability.The major move of this administration is to enhance an increase in innovation and economic viability.

A contractor who is awarded a contract by the federal government can always look up for quality hands online and engage them. This is a way of introducing a policy centered around profit making for the state and her citizens.Some things are far above politics .

This is a technological innovation and yes we are indeed happy the birth of osun’s jet age is here.

Gone are the days where the only technologically inclined activity happening in osun is frivolous and needless attacks on Facebook.

The perpetrators of such are encouraged to google map their businesses if they have one and get engaged with something to bring benefit both for individuals and the state at large.

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