How Oyetola Deceived Ijesha People on University Upgrade- PDP

The Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused Governor Gboyega Oyetola of an elaborate deceit and deliberate lying to the people of Ijesha land over his promise to upgrade the Ilesa College of Education to a state University.

In a statement issued on Friday, the party declared that the Governor directly set up Ijesha people, created a free gift and deliberately ensure that even the gullible can read the fraud as a mark of his insult on the collective sensibility of Ijesha people.

Ijesha people are world class intellectuals who can read in between the lines of political and electioneering subterfuge. A Governor who has less than six months in office is promising a University upgrade based on a KPMG study that will take a year in the first instance to accomplish. In effect, the promise is designed to secure votes in July while KPMG is sure to return a negative verdict on the feasibility of the project after a year.

Again, we alert the state that KPMG will charge at least five percent of the entire project cost, meaninig that the Governor is not only dancing on the yearning of the people but also intend to use the process to siphon money out of the state.

To confirm that the whole upgrade announcement is a political ruse, we are aware that contracting KPMG will take nothing less than two to three months and the firm will take at least eight to 10 months to complete the assignment. The people would have been hoodwinked during elections as KPMG as a world reknown consultancy firm will directly contradict the upgrade announcement by the Governor.

We therefore call on Ijesha sons and daughters to be aware of the Governor’s mendacious subterfuge on Ijesa land. Ijesas are too steeled and sophisticated to be crushed with a greek gift.

If the Governor is really genuine with his intention, such policy decision should have been taken two or three years ago. The state government would have had sufficient ground to design appropriate agenda for the upgrade. Making such announcement on the eve of election is an unpardonable denigration of the centuries of accomplishments of Ijesha people in various sphere of life.

Governor Oyetola’s conduct amountd to playing the “Lagos game” on the people and such immoral act should be punished with stern rebuke of his re-election bid come July.

PDP as a party has a well thought out educational plan for Osun state including upgrade of some existing institutions including the Ilesha College of Education. Our agenda however takes into account the state of existing institutions as well as sustainability plan beyond political considerations.

We dare Governor Oyetola to actualise the hollywood announcement of the upgrade to prove he is not deceiving the good people of Ijeshaland..

Any attempt to throw up excuses now being hibernated in processing the upgrade will not do him any good.

For lying to Ijesha, we urge sons and duaghetrs of Ijesha land to get their PVC ready and vote out Oyetola in July. Rejecting his re-election bid is the appropriate response to an administration that thrives mainly on propaganda.

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