“From the abundance of heart, the mouth gaffes”, Osun PDP supports students rejection of Tinubu, his 8year Projected Curse

Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has described as unfortunate the unending gaffes of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress on the podium of his campaigns, advising the national chairman of the APC, Abdulahi Adamu to save the country from Tinubu’s incurable voyage of embarrassment by keeping him indoors.

In a press statement signed by the Osun PDP caretaker committee chairman, Dr Akindele Adekunle and received by SAHEL reads ” Reacting to Apc presidential candidate’s remarks at a rally held in Osogbo yesterday, the PDP says it is unpardonable just as it is worrisome for Tinubu to expect students of tertiary institutions to burn 8 years of their academic life to pursue first degree in the university, saying, such disjointed mind must be kept afar from an already challenged education system in the country.

“This is not a time the country can afford a trial and error of handing over the country to a man that has evidently gone vegetative on account of emotions or ’emilokan’ sense of entitlement. And that is why the PDP candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar remains the best choice for Nigerians at this time. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, we would all notice, has been the most composed and prepared with his masterful marshalling of his plans amd programs to rescue Nigeria in the hands of the likes of Mr Tinubu, who has so far discreated the country with acrobatics of pointless stammering.

“the statement further appealed to students who are reeling out anger over the helpless candidate’s remarks, to remain calm, endure the drama of his injured campaigns till February 25, when they will use their PVC to keep him and his accursed policy off the nation’s policy on education.

“We call on our dear students who are planning demonstrations over the careless statement to sheath their sword till election day, when they will have ample and constitutional opportunity to protest through their votes, thereby avoiding an apparent calamity in our school system”

“Our party also took notice of Mr Tinubu’s boastful vituperation of unseating the elected governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke, and we warn that such coup through whatever means will be made to fail woefully to avoid the wrath of the good people of Osun State

“We understand that Mr Tinubu’s coordinates empire of corrupt attack on various institutions in Nigeria for his selfish ends. We equally understand his role in the wicked rejection of weight of evidence by Justice Kume led Osun election tribunal, but he must prepare for his waterloo as appellate courts will not go low with Justice Kume and his wicked rejection of primary evidence put before him.

Reducing our judicial institution to an appendage of a political wager will not do the nation any good and we are poised to stand up to the attempted robbery.Dr Akindele called on Nigerians not to take the incessant gaffes of Mr Tinubu as mere joke of mistakes but rather subject them to standard scrutiny of heart of man, apply necessary judgement and prevent an irredeemable error of allowing him crawl onto the seat of power and policy making in the country.

“Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has proven his readiness and capacity to right all wrongs in the country and it will be in the interest of our common good, to vote him as the next president of Nigeria”, Dr Akindele asserted.

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