Northerners are too Just to Support Muslim-Muslim Ticket- Barde

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Kebbi state, General Aminu Bande (Rtd), has chided the option of the the Muslim-Muslim ticket taken by the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu.

Describing the act as incurable propagandist in a statement , Bande further viewed Tinubu’s choice as a miscalculated ploy to capture bloc votes of Northern Muslims.

“Nigeria, being a heterogeneous society has respect for the two dominant religions. But in terms of politics, there has never been a Muslim or Christian party. Therefore, Tinubu’s curious choice is quite illogical and utterly insensitive.

“The clumsy decision of the APC presidential candidate amounts to intellectual docility. No such tainted bait will be effective in cornering the voting Northern Muslim population.

“The APC’s show of shame which is borne out of desperation, has rather worsened things for the party.

“In its desperate attempt to secure sympathy of the Christian population too, the party did another unthinkable by contracting urchins and some obtuse personalities to masquerade as Bishops, Clerics, etc! What a desperation,” Bande stated.

He emphasized that only merit is needed by Nigerians at the critical moment, to navigate the murky waters in which the APC-led Buhari administration has plunged the ship of this country into.

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