A Year of Malian Strongman, Assimi Goïta

Year 1 of President Assimi Goïta: The CDM salutes the efforts made by the masters of time.

As part of its support activities for the Armed Defense and Security Forces (FDS), and even the authorities of the pan-African transition of Mali under the leadership of Colonel Assimi Goïta, the Collectif pour la Défense des Militaires (CDM) celebrated the YEAR 1 of the investiture of the president of the transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta through a major conference-debate. It was Tuesday, June 06, 2022, at the Kati youth center. 

The debate was moderated by several speakers. The themes selected for this conference were: ”What assessment of the last 10 months of management, the Algiers Agreement, France-Mali: Conflicting episode of a common relationship.

The speakers, in their various interventions, all praised the work done by the transitional government, in this case President Assimi, over the past 12 months. They also stressed that since coming to power, Mali is regaining its former glory. The various speakers also specify that Malians must join hands for the success of this transition.

According to the spokesman of the Collective for the Defense of the Military, Mr. Mahamad Oumar Dembélé, the assessment carried out is very satisfactory. 

For him, the Mali of Colonel Assimi Goïta has, in one year, had what we have never had since independence. So, Assimi is a chance for all of Africa, he hammered.

On the security level, Dembélé Mahamad said that through the transition, new materials of the latest generations have been acquired and the morale of the troops is more than high, hence the rise in power of the FAMa. 

He invited the authorities of the transition to remain more serene and not to be distracted by the enemies of Mali so that they can achieve the targeted objectives. The CDM is delighted with the results obtained in terms of security.

The Collective for the Defense of the Military sent, in a statement, its warm congratulations to the authorities of the transition of Mali who have once again taken the wise and patriotic decision to turn to Russia. Partner that the CDM welcomes and encourages, this country to continue to give hope to the Malian and even African people.

The Collective has indicated that it is now undeniable that MINUSMA in its latest information note, published on May 30, makes false accusations against the FAMa. Proof that she is working against our country.

The CDM also welcomed the decision to extend the duration of the transition to 24 months following Decree No. 20220335/PT-RM of June 06, 2022 and condemns with the utmost rigor the media releases of certain stateless persons. 

He calls the Malians to the sacred union around the FDS and around the authorities of the transition.

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