Mali’s Mourrah: Govt Expresses Solidarity with Citizens

After the overwhelming intervention of the Army in Mourrah which resulted in its liberation from the yoke of terrorists last week, a government team led by the Minister of Reconciliation, Colonel-Major Ismaël Wagué went on Saturday April 9 2022, on the spot. 

He carried the message of solidarity and support from the president of the transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, towards this population. A visit welcomed at its true value by the populations of Mourrah who expressed some of their concerns to members of the government. One noted on the spot the presence of the commander of the PCIAT-Centre of Operation Maliko, Colonel Mamadou Massaoulé Samake.During this field visit, it was a question of reassuring the populations, soaking up their state of mind and discussing their major concerns, namely security and socio-economic development. 

During the exchanges, the village chief of Mourrah Adou Sylla and the mayor Barka Tamboura mainly dwelt on the strengthening of the security system that can allow the free movement of people and their goods. For this, they want the presence of the FAMa to be continuous over time.

In response to these concerns, assurances were then given by Minister Wagué who will say that arrangements will be made to see to what extent the FAMa can maintain an extended and permanent duration in the locality of Mourra. Thus, he praised the rise in power and professionalism of the FAMa during this intervention. 

” I would like to salute the efficiency and the work carried out by the FAMa whose growing power is real. It was unimaginable that such successful military operations could take place in flooded areas like Mourra. It was a successful operation and it sends a strong message to all armed terrorist groups,” he said.With regard to the unfounded allegations leading to the belief that the army has acted on civilian populations, the Minister for Reconciliation reassures. ” The populations themselves at the level of the exchanges did not mention any killing on the part of our FAMa”, he finally indicated.

For his part, the Minister Delegate in charge of humanitarian actions, Oumarou Diarra recalled the importance of strengthening the resilience of the populations of Mourra. This is why he added that income-generating activities such as market gardening and others will soon be initiated in this direction. Before continuing that the state is in its sovereign role to secure the populations and their property.

After blessings formulated for a rapid return of peace and tranquility throughout Mali, members of the government proceeded to the delivery of a large batch of food, blankets, mats and mosquito nets to the populations. 

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