Atiku Abubakar’s Economic Blueprint is the Best for Nigeria- Ademola Adeleke

South West leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday gathered at Ibadan to host the party’s presidential candidate , Atiku Abubakar with Osun state Governor-elect , Senator Ademola Adeleke describing the candidate’s economic blueprint as the best for Nigeria.

Speaking while welcoming the Wazirin Adamawa, Adeleke said “the last time we hosted you, I was a party candidate, today that we are receiving you , I am by God’s grace the Governor-elect of Osun state.

“When next we will be having grand meeting, Sir, you would have become an elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by God’s grace.

“I warmly welcome you to South West, your second home. You are part of us in Yorubaland. We are your proud in-law and so we are one with you. Very soon, it will be my singular honour as a Governor to have the First Lady of Nigeria from my state.

“In your professional life, before politicking, also you are an integral part of our region. You served the nation as a public servant but principally across Lagos and our region. So Yoruba people know Atiku and Atiku also knows them.

“In your foray into politics, your best confidants are again from this region. From the Yar’Adua era to date, your trusted foot solders and associates are not just from the North, but South South, East and South West. You are a pan- Nigerian leader.

“Nigeria therefore needs you, a unifier, a bridge builder and a tested leader as the next President. Your candidature is the tonic Nigeria needs to regain her vitality. Your economic blueprint is the best in term of its workability and applicability. Waziri is the man to salvage the sinking ship of Nigeria.

“I use this platform to call on Yorubas and Nigerians as a whole to rally round the PDP and her presidential candidate who is ably supported by another great Nigerian, my brother, the Governor of Delta State, Dr IIfeanyi Okowa. An Atiku Presidency will restore peace ,stability and prosperity to every homes in Nigeria.

“I must also call on all party chiefs to sheath theirswords and embrace common agenda to ensure the total victory of the party at the 2023 General elections. Nigerians are waiting for us , eager for Atiku Presidency. We must rise above the past and embrace the future in the best interest of many Nigerians who see us, the PDP as the messiah”, the Osun State Governor -elect told the gathering.

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