Osun PDP Campaign Organisation Condemns IPAC over Attacks on Senator Adeleke

The Osun State PDP Governorship campaign Council has accused the state chapter of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) of bias and partisanship over its attack on Senator Ademola Adeleke, describing the group’s action as “an hatchet job in favour of APC”

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the campaign organisation condemned IPAC for joining the APC to misinterpret Senator Adeleke’s comments at the Osogbo rally, asserting that “our candidate was asked a question by the audience on how he intends to fund the campaign against an incumbent which generated the said jocular response.

” Is it a crime to respond to supporters who raised alarm about Oyetola’s men boasting of buying up voters in the state? Is it wrong for Senator Adeleke to calm frayed nerves about APC men going round the state with “dibo kosebe” slogans?

” IPAC has not for once condemned or picked holes in Governor Oyetola’s deployment of state fund for campaign. It has nothing to say on multiple awards of same contract by the state government to divert resources for campaign and nor does it care about looting spree ongoing across the ministries ahead of the elections.

“At a time a governor is deploying state fund to finance his re-election campaign, IPAC has the time to attack a private citizen who is financing his campaign through families and friends.

“Who is committing crime against the state? A private citizen bankrolling his own campaign through legitimate means or a Governor who is on a looting spree for election purposes? IPAC is deaf and dumb on the above due to shameless partisanship.

” We have chosen not to react to APC statement on Monday because we know Governor Oyetola is scared of impending defeat, hence his holding unto every straw in the hope of electoral salvation.

“We challenge IPAC to tell the public what it did when Asiwaju Bola Tinubu during 2018 election boasted that he is richer than Osun state government and that his uncle,Oyetola is also as rich as the state. Because of political hypocrisy, IPAC was then deaf or dumb only to find its voice when Senator Adeleke legitimately responded to his supporters who are asking about election funding.

“Our candidate was right to reassure his agitated supporters that families and friends at home and abroad are providing support for his campaign. He breaks no law and is not dipping hands into the state treasury to finance his election. He only did what every responsible leader will do to inquiring supporters.

” Our candidate proceeded on that day to release his five point agenda during which he explained what he plans to do to rejuvenate Osun economy. We advise IPAC to focus on its primary goal and stop serving as a tool for APC, a party already rejected by the people of Osun state.

Prince Diran Odeyemi
Directorate of Media
Senator Ademola Adeleke Campaign Organization

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