Re – Osun 2022: Unholy Marriage Between Ayu, Adelekes

By Rasheed Alani

The above piece by an agent of five out of the six governorship aspirants of Osun PDP demonstrated the frustration and the evil-mindedness of those afraid of democracy, of those who wants an aspirant, Ademola Adeleke stripped of his right to be voted for in contravention of party and Nigerian constitution. The piece is a tissue of lies woven together by a group scared to death by electoral defeat that await them at the March 7 primaries.

We will attempt to treat each of the mischievous points raised in the proxy piece to clarity to the public the inglorious agenda of this anti-democratic elements.

  1. That Dr Iyorchia. Ayu met alone with Dr Deji Adeleke on January 3st is a lie. The meeting in question was a peace meeting involving several Elders of the party from Osun. Those in attendance include Dr Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Dr Olu Alabi, Chief Shuaibu Oyedokun, Erelu Olusola Obada, Senator Fadahunsi, Baba Faseru, Prof Wale Oladipo, Hon Sunday Bisi, Chief Ajeigbe, Hon Niyi Owolade, Dr Muyiwa Oladimeji,Oyinbo Oba,Hon Bamidele Salami, Dr Deji Adeleke with Dr Ayu presiding. . The meeting was called as a pre-stakeholders’ gathering to allow for opening up of minds and hearts. How can such meeting which prepared ground for the current peace committee chaired by Oyinlola be classed as designed to sell party ticket? All the elders in attendance are still alive. Dr Ayu acted in the best interest of Osun state as the Elders opened up fully on the thorny issues.
  2. Bribing with Jeep a Fabrication: The above meeting was not a secret meeting. It started 8pm and ended 12 Am. Dirty minds design evil. Dr Ayu ensured the meeting came up with home truth. He listened patiently to all. We are not the type who brought fake judgement in desperation.
  3. That Appeal Panel did not Worked Well: A strange allegation was that the appeal panel did not re-check Ademola Adeleke’s credentials. The panel not only reviewed the petition but diligently checked Adeleke’s qualifications and discovered that all allegations against him were mere fabrications. The panel noted that Senator Adeleke did not forge any certificate; he was discharged and acquitted; his educational qualifications were certified by the Federal Ministry of Education; the alleged multiple names were already consolidated as prescribed by law; and he has no case whatsoever in any court of law on his head. The appeal panel then described the petition against Senator Adeleke as baseless and without merit.

Because the panel refused to support injustice , because the panel stands by verifiable truths , it deserves accolades.

  1. That Adeleke’s Emergence will spell doom for the Party: This is contrary to the reality on ground across Osun state. Senator Adeleke just concluded a tour of the nine federal constituencies in Osun and he was massively accepted all over. The video evidence are available on the web. No other aspirant was able to test his popularity except Senator Adeleke. The senator is well loved by the people and his emergence as PDP candidate will mean only one thing for the party-victory at the governorship poll in July.
  2. Recent Court Judgement: It is irresponsible for anybody to think the PDP is a party that can be toasted around even in cases of purchased, under the table judgement. A court of Appeal judgement had validated Sunday Bisi Chairmanship. The party had a legal review and the conclusion is that Sunday Bisi remains the Acting Chairman in line with the law. PDP is a party peopled by highly placed legal luminaries. Dr Ayu and his team acted rightly and legally on the Chairmanship matter.
  3. Ayu as Mr integrity: The desperate writer attempted to twist history by wrongly asserting Ayu was impeached as Senate President and sacked as Minister over corruption. This twisting of history is a condemnable act. Ayu was impeached over his insistence on Abiola june 12 mandate. He was sacked as Minister because he refused to support third term agenda. Ayu is a man of integrity, highly principled. That was why he was unanimously elected and accepted as PDP chairman.
  4. Call on PDP Governors to Intervene: The PDP constitution is clear on many issues. Our Governors are very important wing of the party who will not support imposition of candidate and denial of an aspirant of his right to vote and be voted for. The demands of some aspirants is for the Governors to stop Senator Adeleke from contesting. Such intervention cannot happen because PDP is not a lawless jungle; the party constitution is clear on qualifications and disqualifications. A Governor is actually fuelling the feud in Osun but all aspirants he is sponsoring cannot even win their local government during party primaries. What our Governors can do is to ensure a levelled playing field for all. Any attempt to impose a failed aspirant on the party is doomed to fail.

Critical Note

The persistent attacks on Dr Deji Adeleke,a philanthropist per excellence is a manifestation of ungrateful minds. The businessman is investing in facilitating PDP victory with all the passion and commitment. In 2018 the PDP won but was robbed. The right of first refusal is an acceptable practice in democracies. If that is not practicable, electoral contest through party primaries is the standard norm. What many PDP supporters want is the primary option where all aspirants are free to test their popularity.

Dr Deji Adeleke is not seeking for any special favour for his brother. He is not working for right of first refusal. He is supporting a mass movement of Osun citizenry pushing that his brother should not be deprived of his constitutional right to vote and be voted for. Soon after 2018 election, some party chiefs came to Ede and offered 2022 governorship ticket to Senator Ademola Adeleke. Dr Deji Adeleke rejected it and insisted due process and democratic path should be the goal when the time comes.If he was angling for imposition, why did he reject the free ticket offered his brother in 2019?

The push for Ademola candidacy is spearheaded by thousands of PDP leaders and supporters across Osun. The ultimate goal is however to liberate Osun from mismanagement and maladministration. Deji is thus an icon of good governance, a man fixated on positive impact on Osun people through instrumentality of governance

It is therefore futile trying to drag in the mud a legendary figure like Dr Iyorchia Ayu- it is a failed bid. It is even more reprehensible to point fingers at Dr Deji Adeleke, a man whose life is reaching and uplifting thousands of people all over the world.

Final Note

All politics is local. Let all aspirants mobilise ahead of the primary. Let ni one seek short cut. Sunday is adhoc delegates Congress. Contenders should meet in the field. No amount of blackmail and intimidation will remove the popularity and electoral strengths of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke.

●Abdul Rasheed Alani writes from Gidigbo, Iwo. He can be reached at

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