Burkina Faso Latest: British Journalist Unfolds Rebels’ Demands

A British Journalist working for Voice of America and Aljazerra , Henry Wilkins has narrated his ordeal in the hands of mutinying soldiers in troubled Burkina Faso.

In series of tweets , Wilkins explained how the protesting soildiers apprehended him and his colleagues and later passed seriea of demands to the authorities.

“BurkinaFaso Mutiny – I was detained briefly by soldiers mutinying at Ouagadougou’s largest military camp – Sangoule Lamizana. They gave us a list of their demands and then released us after about 30 minutes. List of demands to follow.

“Soldiers outside the Lamizana base fired warning shots in the air and trained loaded guns at myself and another journalist as we were passing on a motorbike. Confiscated cameras and motorbike and walked us inside the base. Around 50 soldiers on the peripheries and inside……

“the entrance of the base. They decided to use the opportunity to express their demands and released us.

“Primary demands from the mutinying soldiers at Lamizana base were: Enough troops to fight terror groups linked to IS and AQ, hierarchy of the military and intelligence replaced, families of the dead and injured soldiers better taken care of. The spokesperson declined to be named”, Wilkins tweeted.

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