Confirmed- Military Sacks Burkinabe Government

“A timeline for a return to constitutional order will be proposed within a reasonable time, after consultation with forces in society,” the statement said, without further details. 

“After a transition, the country will return to constitutional order, Sidsoré Kader Ouedraogo read. Government and parliament have been dissolved, and all borders are closed. There will also be a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The statement read out was signed by Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, who was appointed leader of the Mouvement patriotique pour la sauvegarde et la restauration (MPSR). That new move claims to represent all sections of the military. The coup happened without violence, and the people who were arrested are in a safe location, it said.

The statement refers to the deteriorating security situation and Kaboré’s inability to unite the nation and formulate an effective response to the challenges it faces.

The message came after two days of confusion in the capital. Fire was opened in barracks in Ouagadougou and elsewhere on Sunday as soldiers wanted to demand more resources in their fight against Islamist-inspired terror groups.

The report explained that the country’s army, Led by Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, said that it had dissolved the government and the national assembly, and closed the borders.

The announcement, made on state television, said the takeover had been carried out without violence and that those detained were at a secure location.

It added that the group made the statement in the name of a previously unheard-of entity known as the Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration or MPSR, its French language acronym.

“MPSR, which includes all sections of the army, has decided to end President Kabore’s post today,” it said.

Reuters further reports that reasons such as the deterioration of the security situation and what it described as Kabore’s inability to unite the nation and effectively respond to the challenges it faces, have accounted for the coup in the country.

It is however unclear where Kabore’s whereabouts is although it is known that earlier, his party said he had survived an assassination attempt, but gave no details.

Before the army statement, the African Union and the West African bloc ECOWAS both condemned what they called an attempted coup in Burkina Faso, saying they held the military responsible for Kabore’s safety.

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