Muktar Shagari Quits PDP, Blast Gov Tambuwal

Former minister and governorship aspirant, Alhaji Muktar Shagari has resigned from the Peoplea Democratic Party, attacking Governor Aminu Tambuwal of insincerety and betrayal.

His full statement is published below:

“I wish to bring to your notice that I, Mukhtari Shehu Shagari has from today ceased to be a member of the Peoples Democratic Party.

This hard decision is as a result of the series of betrayals that I have suffered in the hands of a Party that deceitfully claims to be a bastion of democracy but has instead become a party of the highest bidder without considering my labor, commitment, sacrifice, investments and service to the Party since 1998.

Apart from my numerous sacrifices and service to the Party, the so-called Peoples Democratic Party has no reward system regardless of one’s loyalty and faithfulness. It is my conviction that the ideals of the founding fathers of the Peoples Democratic Party have been completely eroded and is not worthy to be called a Democratic Party.

It is most disheartening that the Governor of my State in particular has proven to be a man who does not keep to his words, a man who has no regards to integrity, honor and excellence. It is also sad and unfortunate that the PDP in Sokoto is dead and buried during his tenure as the Governor of Sokoto State because of his draconian, slippery, cunning, crafty and insincere style of leadership.

The PDP has unfortunately become a “cash and carry” Party for the highest bidder so as to serve the interest of a minority few who have hijacked the body and soul of the Party.

While I enjoin my supporters to remain calm, I shall In a few days time make my next steps known.”, the statement concluded.

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