Op-ed: Endorsement for Lere Oyewumi for Osun West Senate

By Akintunde Bello Sheriff

*Dear Ladies and Gentlemen especially from across the 10 local governments in Osun West Senatorial District, You will recall that I had informed few days ago that I was going to enumerate the candidates of my choices for elective offices of 2023 to the National Assembly, however i was counseled to the otherwise by important forces because of the likely controversy and misconception that such action may generate and its implications on the 2022 governorship election involving our foremost darling preference, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke.*

*Be that as it may, to the extent that I value the quarters from wherein the counsel emanated from, I must act explicitly in my voicing to as far as I will be able to accommodate, implying by necessity, my immediate areas of jurisdiction and few other places which would be captured. Every onlooker at a period like this is a either a coward or traitor.*

*At this point, I want to say that the Senate of the Federal Republic is not a creche nor a trial and error venture. It requires sending the most eminent amongst us. By any judgment, the man I bring on board upon my gazetted consultations is a revered veteran whose politics does not start today. If politics were a career job like in the military, he is qualified to be called a General in politics. For a long time he has remained consistently and altruistically loyal to the PDP platform. Versed and frankly bold, he is imbued with sagacity and deep native intelligence. He crowns all of these fine attributes with garnishing appreciable requisite education up to PhD level, which makes it a self ease ingredient of personal attainment which nobody can dust away.*

*This community leader is by proven record going to become a ranking Senator if and when elected in 2023 to the red chamber in that he was once a member of the House of Representatives during the third republic.*

*If we go down the memory lane, God used him to entrench and validate the crystalization of the hope of Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke to be positioned better to becoming a future Governor in Osun State when in 2018 during the countdown to the governorship primaries election of PDP, he collapsed his governorship campaign structures into that of Adeleke which earned the Candidate – Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke of PDP the record victory margin over the closest rival then with just 7 votes which has now today become more substantiated with the overwhelming retainment of the PDP governorship Candidature for the 2022 election by no less a personality than Senator Ademola Adeleke.*

*If steadfastness means anything in politics, it is time to proof again that gratitude to real friends of common noble courses must remain evergreen and that such reward must be pensionable except if betrayed. Hence my adoption of the juggernaut for the position of Senator in Osun West in 2023.*

*Of course, some people are bound to remind me that before we got here I had campaigned for another man apart from him for the same senate position in our same PDP party and they will ask why the sudden twist. Truth is I had my reasons that are more personal but those reasons have now unfortunately been made to be under a suspension as a result of complex politics. All the same, God will be God!The situation is no longer the same and I have extensively consulted before arriving at the glorious choice where we now stand.*

*Great Fans and Supporters of ABS globally especially from Iwo, Ayedade, Ede North, Ede South, Ejigbo, Egbedore, Aiyedire, Olaoluwa, Irewole, and Isokan local councils areas, I rejoice to announce Akogun Dr. Lere Oyewumi from Ikire and Iwo ancestrally, respectively as my candidate that I will campaign for as we leap into the 2023 electioneering for the position of Senator for Osun West Senatorial District. Like I said the Senate is not a creche. We will do our best to deliver him through God while soliciting for the cooperation of teeming social commentators and online advocates as well as politicians and non – politicians alike including students, youths, religious leaders, the clergy, and men with women to help vote for him and PDP for the restoration of the dying glory of the Senatorial One.*

*It is instructive that this is the best time for Dr Lere Oyewumi to win because the APC rival party is even in their pool of confusion over who to field whether it is going to be the much widely acclaimed unpopular incumbent or any other weaker alternative. I will instructively add with due respect that this time around, heaven helps those who helps themselves. The Ikire Sons and Daughters will have to show that they are willing and ready to surpass their last dragging experience at voting when the interest of the valuable Son is on the centre table and reference.*

*Congratulations in advance Sir, Akogun Lere Oyewumi. With God, all things are possible…*

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