Op-Ed: Reality of Osun PDP Controversy

By Barrister Rotimi John Adeyenuwo

Whoever that is calling himself Oloto 1 should go and study Law in University to qualify him to be abreast of Procedural Law being taught in the Nigeria Law School.

Law is not a field a nonentity can brag to have solutions to all the problems arising therefrom.

If there is anybody in Anigba Group emboldening you that there are rays of light at the end of tunnel for your group,just tell the person to stop misleading you.

In Law,there are rules and precepts to follow in determining a case. Any attempt to cut corners to arrive at justice as in the instant case will be rebuffed.

For the sake of people your post may want to confuse,let me try to throw light on the subject matter for clarity sake.


Let me start by saying the just passed Electoral Amendment Act 2022 is not ambiqous in its interpretation.

When your Anigba Group brought this spurious injunction yesterday to confuse members of the public,intelligent people on our side swing into action to diffuse the tension it engendered by enlightening the whole public that your group are just talking gas without recourse to Law.

If we are not conversant with the new Electoral Law as amended,you would have hold us into ransom with your Anigba Group’s intention to force us into reconciliation in line with your concluding paragraph of your post here that “lts time to come together and win together, l stand with PDP”.

Bi egungun ba mon pe oun ti n pada bo wa di eniyan ni,iwonba lo ma roro mon ninu eeku egungun.

If your Anigba Group believe in Section (13) of Electoral Amendment Act 2022, you won’t be running from pillar to post trying to procure a useless State High Court injunction based on ex-parte motion all about.

Stricto sensus,Section(13) of the Electoral Amendment Act 2022 says “Nothing in this section shall empower the courts to stop the holding of primaries …”.

Not that the word “Shall” as quoted in this section is the operating word in the provision.

If it is dawn on your group that you are handcuffed by this mandatory clause,that should not give you the impression that “IMOLE SUPPORTERS are making a great mistake with a section of Electoral Law they are circling and circulating” as you claimed in your write-up.

Let me tell you that we have studied this provision clearly well before we come on the air space to rubbish your kangaroo or worse still Jankara injunction.

Section(12) of thesame provision commands an aspirant or a group of aspirants as in your Anigba Group case to seek redress in the Federal High Court.

If your leaders are not bent on ruining your political lives,they should have thinkback before rushing to an obscure State High Court somewhere in Ijebu-Jesa to procure a filthy injunction.
Accepting the fact that “COURT doesn’t stop TEUSDAY’s primary election as you are now claiming here is an afterthought of your group feelings.

We know you are playing with your testis. Now that its skin has broken,it remains your problem.

Your Anigba Group will contend with that falsehood for a long time out of stupidity.

Concerning the second leg of your assumption that the “Court only nullified Kangaroo Ward excos under the leadership of Sunday Bisi and approved ward congresses conducted under the leadership of the former State Chairman of the Party,Olasoji Adagunodo for Tuesday March 8th,2022 governorship primary,2023 House of Representatives primaries,House of Assembly primaries, House of Senate and State Party Congresses, let me point it out to you that the claim is the figment of your group’s imagination. When has it become the duty of courts to usurp the functions of a well structured political party such as PDP?

Let me clear your ignorance by saying that Soji Adagunodo had been removed from office as the State Chairman by the decision of the National Working Committee which was later ratified by NEC at the Party’s Convention as the time the Congresses were held..

In order to fill up the vacancy,Sunday Bisi was appointed by the NWC on the recommendation of Osun PDP State Working Committee. This decision was also ratified by the NEC of the Party at the convention.

If you are a true,patriotic, committed and loyal member(s) of PDP,you ought to have known that the decision is sine die.

There is no point challenging the decision.

There is no court in the land that can meddle in the internal matter of the party again.

That is the import of the Supreme Court Judgement when it says “no court can intervene in internal mechanism of political parties”

Let me reiterate the fact that,the ward executives conducted by PDP in 215 wards out of 332 wards in Osun State in 2021 when Sunday Bisi is still the State Chairman,the 3 ad-hoc delegates in all the 332 wards of the state conducted last week by His Excellency Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and his principles team that had been ratified by the NWC, and other statutory delegates are the only authentic delegates that will be allowed to vote for the PDP governorship candidate on 8th March,2022 at Osogbo City Stadium.

If you still hold on such untenable assumption of Soji Adagunodo’s list,you are just wasting your time.

When the National Working Committee of PDP will be sending officials to conduct the party primaries from Abuja,would they send the team to your Anigba Group? You better go and borrow yourself brain and stop your grandstanding through cyber activism.

Let me also say this before concluding my response that ward congresses will be concluded in the remaining 112 wards remaining in Osun, I all 30 local governments and the State shortly after the governorship primary election to put the party on a sound footing in Osun State.

In conclusion,if Oloto 1 as he call himself is still having the misconception that Anigba Group with its arrowhead,Soji Adagunodo is still relevant in PDP Osun politics,you are all living in the past.

Your posterior masters from Oyo State cannot save you from this embarrassing reality you found yourself.

● Adeyenuwo writes from Ile Ife.

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