Dirty Fuel: Reps Committee Grills Emadeb-led Consortium, Narrows further Investigation to Britannia-U

Emadeb Energy Services Limited, the lead of the Emadeb/Hyde/AY Maikifi/Brittania-U Consortium, on Tuesday laid bare before the House Committee on Petroleum Committee (Downstream) the roles played by each member of the consortium in the importation of Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) into the country.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Emadeb Energy Services Limited, Mr Adebowale Olujimi, made a presentation on behalf of the consortium save Brittania-U, whom the consortium said was responsible for the importation of the reported contaminated petrol that was announced by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC, Limited.

On Olujimi’s team were the Chief Executive Officer of Hyde Energy, Mr Dimeji Edward and CEO of AY Maikifi, Alhaji Abdullahi.

Consequent upon the disclosure, the Committee Chairman, Hon Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya had asked the Chief Executive Officer of Brittania-U, Mrs Ifejika Uju to defend the claim against her company. She denied that her company imported the said contaminated PMS.

Olujimi had pointedly said that following the participation of the respective companies in the 2021/2022 Direct Sale and Direct Purchase (DSDP) tender, “the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Ltd formed our Consortium – Emadeb/Hyde/AY Maikifi and Brittania-U with Emadeb as lead on May 7, 2021.

“The submission of an executed consortium agreement was one of the pre-requisites required by NNPC for the final award of the DSDP contract.

“On June 16, 2021, the Consortium members executed a consortium agreement which defined the rotational responsibilities of members, sequential alternate crude lifting/petroleum product delivery and indemnification of other members against liabilities, claims, etc., that may arise during a member’s underperformance or failure to perform under the DSDP contract.

“The Consortium was awarded the DSDP contract on June 22, 2021 by NNPC. The delivery of the petroleum product and crude lifting have been done strictly on a rotational basis by the respective consortium members.

“Some of the Consortium members – Emadeb/Hyde and AY Maikifi immediately engaged a reputable international company for delivery of all PMS cargoes and prompt loading of crude oil; while Brittania-U chose to engage a different entity for her own supplies.

“Brittania-U also preferred to liaise directly with NNPC and took responsibility for all her transactions without recourse to the other consortium members. All evidence to substantiate Brittania-U’s position are attached for references.

“The other consortium members – Emadeb/Hyde and AY Maikifi have successfully delivered 270,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), while Brittania U also delivered 90,000MT PMS.”

Olujimi listed the timeliness against the delivery of the PMS under the DSDP contract by each of the consortium members as follows: Emadeb Energy (August 2021) 90,000MT; Hyde Energy (November 2021) 90,000MT; and A.Y Maikifi (February 2022) 90,000 MT, making a total of 270,000MT. He said that Brittania-U made its delivery of 90,000MT in January 2022.

Acvording to him: “The PMS alleged to be methanol-blended was solely delivered by Brittania-U via MT Torm Hilde in January 2022.

“The other consortium members – Emadeb/Hyde and AY Maikifi were not privy to the arrangements for the delivery of the aforementioned PMS and documentary evidence relating to the PMS.”

Olujimi continued: “it is worthy to mention that Brittania-U should be allowed to provide all answers to the controversy surrounding the importation of the PMS product.

“From this standpoint, other consortium members-Emadeb/Hyde and AY Maikifi would like to crave your indulgence and request that you exempt us from this meeting.

“We also believe that you will let our citizens know that we were not part of the companies that imported the alleged methanol-blended PMS.”

The House Committee Chairman, Hon Gaya, at this point requested the Chief Executive Officer of Brittania-U, Mrs Ifejika Uju, to put up a defence.

She said that the fuel that Brittania-U imported into the country passed through the necessary tests, evidenced by requisite certificates.

According to her, “no cargo can be brought into the country without NNPC joint inspection” adding that, ” GMO (NNPC) inspectors, our own inspector and DPR tested and gave us certificate that we met specifications.”

She also said that no cargo could discharge without DPR certificate.

Ifejika stated that the NNPC tested the disputed imported PMS but had yet to release the result even as she queried if methanol was part of the Nigerian test.

“You cannot change the goal post in the middle of the game,” she stated in direct reference to the NNPC.

A member of the Committee, Hon Sergius Oguns said the committee would look into the documents and certificates Brittania-U said it had from the NNPC as well as interrogate the issues against the backdrop of NNPC GMD’S statement that the last time specifications were announced was in 2006.

The Committee Chairman concurred, saying “Has the NNPC updated the specifications (to include absence of methanol)? If NNPC has not, we will look into it and come up with our findings.”

The Committee resolved to focus on Brittania-U’s defence and documentations, and the Committee chair made it clear that the CEO of Brittania-U should be available as she could be summoned at the shortest notice for clarifications.

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