17th Abuja Trade Fair Kicks Off Today

The 17th edition of the Abuja International Trade Fair (AITF) organised by the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has started today at the Trade Fair Complex.

The Trade Fair with the theme, “Creating an Export Ready Market Through SME Digitization” is expected to host 500 exhibitors, 10,000 products and over 100,000 visitors.

At the first day, many exhibitors from within and outside Nigeria are already on ground with different products of value and visitors have started troping in to take advantage of the fair which serves as a standard platform for brand establishment that brings together various aspects of trade and industry, foreign ambassadors, business persons, decision-makers, business delegations, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Abuja Trade Fair would continue to provide an avenue where businessmen, entrepreneurs, service providers, and many others converge. It also provides an avenue for the distribution of trade, investment, market opportunities, and ideas that would greatly help sellers, buyers, investors, and countries to promote relationships in business.

Some exhibitors that spoke with our media unit stated that this year’s seems to be the largest fair since the struggles with COVID-19 that caused disruptions to businesses adding that the fair though held in the COVID year and 202 recorded low participations and it affected their sales.

“From what we are seeing in the first day, it seems promising and we are hoping for better patronage and business connectivity.”

The focus of the 17th AITF, “Creating an Export Ready Market Through SMEs Digitization” would offers a range of opportunities for SMEs to improve performance, spur innovation, enhance productivity and compete on a more even footing with larger firms, reflecting: economies of scale; lower operation and transaction costs; and reduced information asymmetries.

Digital tools bring many significant benefits for firms as digitalization reduces transaction costs by providing better and quicker access to information, and communication between businesses, suppliers and networks.

There are also line up special days where participants can access more informations and connections to improve on their businesses.

Olayemi John-Mensah
Media/Strategy Officer

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