OMOYELE: One of the Best in the Police Force

It is sad that crime fighting is politicised in this country, to the extent that politicians in government are now the rearers and sponsors of the dreaded thugs in the state and these tools are used for political dirty deals and at the receiving end are the innocent citizens.

CSP Omoyele Isaac Adekunle was the Commander of the CP Surveillance Unit in Osun State Command and the team not without its excess, it happen to be one of most reliable crime fighter in the Command. It has the capacity and energy to confront any level crime.

And Omoyele in person, a calm, coolheaded, tactical and intelligent officer he is. And his sacrifice in crime fighting is great and deserves applaud.

It will be unfair and misleading to condemn this gallant officer because of the crisis that erupted in EDE, Osun State recently. Omoyele is not the cause and we all know until some political sycophants choose to damage the expensive reputation of one of our most gallant and reliable officers of Nigeria Police.

We all know what the town of EDE has become security wise, a DEN of deadly cultists and thug where lives is less important. It got to a stage where the Courts, High Court and Magistrate Court were transferred to Osogbo due to the level of peculiar insecurity in EDE town. And the elements that make the town unsafe for every one are known.

And it so unfortunate that the Politicians in all sides are the sponsors of these thug which makes it very difficult for the POLICE to do the needful.

On the 6th August, 2022, a gang of thugs, based in ATAPA area in EDE, headed by KURANGA without any justification whatsoever beat hell out of an Honourable Member of Osun State House of Assembly in person of AKOGUN, he was attacked, physically assaulted to the extent that he was rushed to the Hospital while his orderly ran away.

And the Kuranga led thug in EDE were armed thug enjoying the patronage of the useless politicians in charge of the state affairs. These boys are dangerous to the extent that no POLICE dare go near their base in ATAPA area of EDE.

The information of the heinouse humiliating attack of AKOGUN got to the attention of the officer of CP Surveillance who were suppressing the storm of cultists fight in the state, they approached the ATAPA and trust me, the fearless armed thugs are always on ground. The POLICE moved to arrest them, the thug brought out their guns bought for them by politicians who are crying now and they began to shot the officers of CP Surveillance to the extent that their leader attempted to forcefully collect riffle from one of the officers.

It was at that level of confrontation that the officers whose lives were in danger decided to shoot which led to the death of the leader of the thug who commanded his followers to shoot and kill the Police officers who only came to arrest.

As at the time it happened, OMOYELE was not at the scene but officers under his squad were the one who confronted the deadly thug that felt no human can ever arrest or challenge their atrocious activities.

What is now the crime committed by OMOYELE ? Is it a crime to be an officer of Nigeria POLICE ?

Very funny it is that the whole matter has been politicized and the politicians who are behind these thug turn the whole story against OMOYELE.

The reality is that cultists and thugs are already proliferated in Osun by the politicians and except the IG, CP and the trust worthy figures make a united stand to confront the menace catalyzed by politicians who some of them are in power, the restless in EDE will spread to entire state.

●Chief Abdulfatai Abdulsalam Liberty writes from Osogbo

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