2023: Tinubu’s Plan Should Frightens Nigerians

On Monday, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu expressed interest in succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari next year. It was not really surprising, especially for those who have followed the former Lagos state governor closely over the years. Tinubu covets Nigeria’s top political office and he made this obvious when he said becoming president was ‘lifelong ambition.”

To be fair, nothing is wrong with having an ambition or more, making it a lifelong. The reservations, I presume, going by the misgivings that has trailed of Tinubu’s interest in the presidency in 2023, is to what purpose. And in many ways, he was not able to show that this is not just about him but Nigerians.

Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at what he said will be his plan should he get the key to the topmost office in the land. “I have the confidence, the vision, the capacity to rule, build on the foundation of Mr. President (Buhari), and turn Nigeria better,” Tinubu noted in a press briefing held after meeting Buhari to inform him of his interest.

For any keen observer of things, that was a red flag of the things to expect in a Tinubu presidency. Almost every Nigerians are not impressed with the performance of Buhari and this is as a result of his failings in almost every aspect of governance. For Tinubu to build on that foundation, will be disastrous.

There is no argument that the direction of the country under Buhari is not what any Nigerian will want to continue. So, to resolve the insecurity challenges facing the country, Tinubu wants to regurgitate the same failed ideas that worsened things. Before Buhari took office in 2015, insecurity was limited to three states of NorthEast but now, spread across almost every parts of the country.

To fix the problem of unemployment and ensure that Nigerians with skills and energy can meaningfully contribute to the country, Tinubu wants to build on the ugly experience that Nigerians are enduring have under Buhari. From an unemployment rate of 8.9 percent in 2015, nearly 34 percent of able Nigerians are without employments.

To deal with the question of national cohesion that is prevalent under Buhari and give every Nigerians a sense of belonging, Tinubu wants to keep the practice of nepotism and favoritism that is at the heart of misgivings and distrusts we are seeing in the country today.

In essence, Tinubu wants to continue with the failed ideas that put the country on the abyss and this is frightening. Basically, Tinubu is not showing he understands the disturbing state of things or he is simply about himself, which many believe is the motivation for him to seek the presidential seat.

In the face of an increasing uncertainty about the future as a result of the humongous debts incurred by Buhari, whoever wants to succeed him in 2023 is expected to show he has answer to get the country through the crisis that awaits. But with what Tinubu showed, things may not get any better.

Going by his posture and countenances, Tinubu wants power and not necessarily to better the lots of already distressed Nigerians. And lest we forget, the Tinubu example in Lagos was not so inspiring as he will always want us to believe. The sheer disregards for what Buhari gross incompetence has wrought on Nigerians drive home just how he could be worse than who he wants to succeed.

This is not the first time Tinubu has showed he doesn’t understand the job that comes with the exalted office he so much covets. Only few months back, he proposed the recruitment of 50million young Nigerians into the military to resolve insecurity problems and get them engaged and despicably, suggested feeding the with “Cassava, corn, yam in the afternoon….” because it is grow here.

If Nigerians learn anything from Buhari, it is not to replace him with someone who careless about their pains, not to talk of having the interest in making it go away. Going into 2023, Nigerians should carefully weigh the plan of those seeking to be president and ensure that their pursuit is at least, to some extent, turning things around for the country. It has been painfully easy to decipher that Tinubu wants power just for himself and nothing else matters.

Ibrahim Sarafa writes from Osun. He can be reached through his email: neyoclass09@gmail.com or Twitter @SarafaNgr

By Ibrahim Sarafa

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