ACCI Launched E-learning Course on Gender and Disability Inclusion

Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Entrepreneurship Skills and Technology (ACCI-BEST) Centre on Monday launched the e-learning module on gender and disability inclusion mainstreaming to enable us to create an inclusive world.

ACCI- BEST Centre organized the virtual launch as an outcome of the collaboration with the GIZ-SKYE program and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Toolbox program, an initiative of the European Union/DEVCO focused on promoting demand-driven and inclusive vocational education and training. The collaboration has developed an e-course module on gender and disability mainstreaming.
The main objective of the e-learning course was to provide detailed information on gender and disability inclusion, which among others, focus on the international best practices in promoting gender parity and mainstreaming disability in every sector.

Participants of the gender and disability inclusion mainstreaming course cut across the public and private sectors, institutions and trainers/teachers in Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), administrators, technicians, and others.

The 2nd Deputy President of ACCI and Chairman – Governing Council, ACCI-BEST Centre, Prof. Adesoji Adesugba, in his remarks at the virtual launch, mentioned the importance of gender and disability inclusion in which the centre has constantly advocated for, through training of TVET trainers since 2019, he also commends the BEST Centre team for the endless efforts towards the e-course development.
GIZ Disability Consultant Nadege Riche, in her presentation titled, “Why Gender and Disability Inclusion”, stated the importance of inclusivity while adding that statistics show that the female illiteracy rate shows that 70% of women in Nigeria are illiterates while about 30 million people in Nigeria live with disabilities, and as a result, these set of people cannot access the educational systems or get the opportunity for quality education.

“This e-learning course module, therefore, enlightens and enables individuals to know their rights and privileges regardless of their conditions. In addition, this course is generally for everyone; the discrimination of gender (women) and people living with a disability is not pleasing”.

The Director-General ACCI, Victoria Akai, stated that the programme focused on promoting demand-driven and inclusive education and training, which has led to the development of the e-learning course.
She also stated that the course is not restricted but open to everyone while adding that the situation of gender and disability inclusion needs to be improved in our society.

The Director of ACCI-BEST Centre, Tinuke Temitope, in her closing remarks, lauded the effort of VETTool Box and GIZ-SKYE program in collaborating with the Chamber for the e-learning course, which she said, among other things, will enable participants to understand the specific needs of girls, women and people living with disabilities.
The course is available on and also accessible to the general public at no cost

Olayemi John-Mensah
ACCI, Media/Strategy Officer

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