Indigenous Firm, Nutraboom, Launches Range Of Health-Focussed Children’s Cereals

Health food production company, Nutraboom, has unveiled a new set of product packaging for its range of children’s health-focussed nutritious products as part of the company’s ongoing rebranding project.

Founded in 2019 by Oluwakemi Laniyan, Nutraboom aims to be the leading provider of child nutrition in Africa with wholesome. According to Laniyan, the firm started as a result of the exclusive breastfeeding of her daughter, Annabelle for six months, which prompted her to research a sustainable way of feeding.

“As a Nutritionist, I came up with a natural instant cereal using local ingredients, introducing the cereal to my baby and she grew solely on the meals. Later, I began to sell to young mothers like me who needed the same help with their children,” Laniyan said.

“Nutraboom contains all the essential nutrient needed for child development between six months and five years of age as recommended by the WHO,” she added.

The rebranding is part of a brand support services project provided by foremost Nigerian brand strategy firm, Zenera Consulting as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The Nutritionist was a winner in a special entrepreneurship competition at the ‘Made for More’ women’s conference organised by The Jewels, an organisation founded by Bolarinwa Akinlabi with the vision of empowering women. This qualified her for a wholesome pro-bono rebranding service by Zenera Consulting. The partnership between Zenera and Nutraboom involves the delivery of new product package, website, and extensive brand awareness amongst other initiatives for the food company.

“Our commitment to promoting inclusive enterprise has become a vital component of our business philosophy, and this has stimulated our partnership with Nutraboom, a female-led brand,” said Meka Olowola, Zenera’s Managing Partner.

According to Olowola, the encouragement and empowerment of female entrepreneurship in Nigeria have significant positive impact on the country’s economy as women make up around half of the country’s population. Furthermore, women have been proven to be better leaders and managers in certain situations. For instance, some of the countries led by women fared better in handling the covid-19 pandemic. These include New Zealand under Jacinda Adern, Finland under Sanna Marin, and Taiwan under Tsaing Wein.

“We believe having worked to help develop her brand, Kemi Laniyan is in a better position to monetize her full potentials and we hope this will encourage other women to become amazons in their respective fields,” he added.

The Nutraboom brand focuses on improving consumers’ health through nutrition. The company uses natural food materials to develop nutritious products for the nourishment of both children and adults. Nutraboom’s current product series is in four separate flavours made from different combination of popular nutritious fruits, grains and vegetables. The Nutraboom flavours include the Foodies Cereal made of sweet potatoes and carrots, Yummy Tummy made of bananas, Tummy Wize made of vegetables and nut cereal, and Baby Brainy made of oats and carrot meal. 

By Mohammed Farouk

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