May Day Celebration: Gov. Adeleke pledges commitment to Osun workers’ welfare

The Osun state governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has reassured the Osun state workers that his administration is focussing on worker’s welfare because that is the right thing to do.

According to the Governor’s address at the state capital on Monday, he described himself as a Comrade Governor, who is committed to workers’ welfare and is demonstrating all signals of workers friendly government.

He stressed further that, workers in Osun state passed through tough moments of agonizing hardship before his assumption of office.

“The depth of neglect was inhuman; the maltreatment was openly anti-labour; and the painful outcome was several dead and life plans disrupted.

“May we never witness such an era of man’s inhumanity to man again. He prayed.

He also stated that , he inherited bad state of governance from the previous administration. “All comrades here are aware of the pre- November 2022 situation in our dear state.

“After my assumption of office, I wept at the depth of rot and bad governance. Compatriots, it was terrible.

“For days after my swearing in as Governor of Osun state, I kept on asking why such hatred for Osun state, her people and her workers!!!

“Before proceeding further, let me make an appeal. Workers and we the people of Osun state survived the inhuman rulers of yesterday.

“Yet, let us collectively forgive the past and join hands today to build tomorrow. Our task is to deploy the beauty of today to create a prosperous future.

“We cannot afford to be a hostage of the past. The darkness of the past is lightened up by the light of today. That is why my name is ‘Imole’

Dear Comrades, what I found on ground by November 2022 strengthened my conviction about my five point agenda. My decision to put workers’ welfare first when elected Governor was proved right.

In the history of Osun state, I am unarguably the first Governor to have labour as the first item on his governance agenda.

“Since I took over under a very hostile environment, I have remained committed to that goal of workers’ first. You can all attest to my faithfulness in resolving inherited challenges on workers’ salaries and pension.

“I have demonstrated good faith as a leader with genuine love of workers at heart. You will always find in me a Governor that is responsive and open to the well being of labour.

Speaking on workers’ half salaries and contributory pension, Adeleke emphasized that, it is a stare obligations which nist be resolved

“Hence, our administration worked out a template for resolution. Implementation is ongoing. We remain resolute in our passion to complete the payment process.

“We are also addressing other issues. I am happy that our administration has cash backed the promotion of officers effected by the last administration. Other welfare issues are also on the table for further action at the appropriate time.

“On the issue of appointment of permanent secretaries, it is unfortunate that we inherited a major desecration and aberration of the public service called coordinating directors. The Head of Service shall do the needful on the matter at the appropriate time under my directive to give the public service the best among you as permanent secretaries.

Be rest assured that our administration will not waiver in restoring the integrity and professionalism of the service.

I have also taken judicious notes of all your requests and demands in your various addresses. This administration is yours. I assure you that all your points are well noted.

Dear Comrades, our administration is focussing on worker’s welfare because that is the right thing to do. There is a strong link between the formal and informal workforce in Osun state.

When the formal workforce, the public servants are cared for, the informal sector fairs better. A very happy public service translates into a booming local economy across the state.

To address poverty and under-development, the first place to start is positive treatment of public workers. Their salaries and allowances fuel prosperity within the local economy.

I am therefore proud of my love for workers, both formal and informal. My administration has gotten the magic wand , hence our loyalty to labour and the people.

To comrades and the good people of Osun state, permit me to inform you that our administration is responding very fast to the infrastructural needs of our people. We are building and rehabilitating much needed infrastructures such as water, bridges, culverts, roads, schools and health facilities.

I am an apostle of grassroots development to improve our people’s standard of living. I seek to enhance connectivity among our people to boost businesses and mobility.

Over time, I found out that the needs of our people are not much. They want a transparent government that attends to their needs, that fixes run down facilities, that provides security, that supports their business, and that aids their growth.

Such responsive leadership is what I’m providing and will continue to offer.

I will not end this address without seeking the help of labour and the people of Osun state. Our administration is open to ideas on how to fast track development of our dear state.

” While we are being commended for the little we have done, we call on all people of goodwill to feel free to avail us of their wisdom for good governance. He cocnluded

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