Group tells Adeleke to ensure Osun is taken permanently out of the grip of corrupt elements

Nigerians for Good Governance Group, has called on the Executive Governor of Osun State, Sen. Ademola Adeleke, The Governor owes it a duty to the people of Osun State, to ensure that the State is taken permanently out of the grip of corrupt elements who contributed in one way or the other, to the rot that they are dealing with today.

The convener, Comrade Wole Oladapo, while addressing journalists in Osogbo, the State capital, said Senator Adeleke, having been Governor for four months, can use some vital contributions from organizations like theirs, hence the need to convene the press conference and speak on critical issues that may propel or hinder the development of the State and her perception in the near and distant future.

The group said they are not doing this to create enmity with government or the actors in it, neither are they doing it to curry government’s favor.

“We are doing this in the best interest of our dear State and the development of our dear people. In the proper development of our State, we as individuals will thrive in our respective endeavors, hence the need to make this timely contribution in the best interest of ourselves and our dear State.

On politics, the group said for the past four months, they have keenly watched political actors in the State take steps that may be injurious to the future of the State.

“From unguarded utterances to statements capable of inciting violence in our hitherto peaceful State. We have sadly watched videos of politicians threatening to shoot opponents before the elections, among many other unguarded utterances.

“Aside being barbaric, we note that Nigeria’s democracy should by now have evolved past the levels where politics rain violence on perceived opponents and announce the intent with such glee in public gatherings. We believe that Osun particularly should be well past this level of barbarism and electoral violence.

“Aside violence, we have also noted that since becoming Governor, a lot of phony characters have started milling around the Governor, seeking patronage and/or continuation of whatever corrupt benefits they had been enjoying from government in the near or distant past.

These characters we are talking about are politicians with dodgy track records, who feed off Osun’s resources in ways that make it impossible for the State to develop. These ‘professional politicians’ have no jobs and no honorable means of livelihood other than government patronage and we dare say that the patronage they have enjoyed sometimes in the history of Osun State, is one of the reasons the State is in such a dire State today.

“We advice the Governor, to henceforth make it clear to his supporters and other political stakeholders, that violence and violent conduct shall not be condoned in Osun State. He must make it clear that he has no such intention as returning Osun to the dark days of political thuggery, violence and barbarism. As he has been said to be a lover of peace, he must display this by making it abundantly clear to everyone that political thuggery and deliberate threats to the lives of other citizens of the State will not be condoned under his government.

The Governor also must show a clear preference for good governance by ensuring that those persons who pushed Osun to the brink are not given any undue recognition in his government. “The Governor owes it a duty to the people of Osun State, to ensure that the State is taken permanently out of the grip of corrupt elements who contributed in one way or the other, to the rot that we are dealing with today.
On Osun State House of Assembly, the group said Governor Ademola Adeleke has a rare opportunity at this time. It is the opportunity to encourage the redefinition of the Osun State House of Assembly, to make it more functional.

“We understand that Governors, while they may not admit publicly, wield enormous influence on persons who serve in the State House of Assembly and thus have capacity to influence the nature of leadership and structure that the House of Assembly will operate under.

“What makes the incoming 8th Assembly quite peculiar and worthy of mention in a press conference like this, is the fact that it is peopled largely by young, new generation politicians, whose entry into politics may have permanently changed the political dynamics in Osun State.

“The incoming Assembly is also strategic because over the last couple of years, the Assembly had become dysfunctional, running structures that kept it ineffective and unable to carry out the critical roles of the legislature in the State. It became evident to many keen followers of events in Osun State that the Assembly had become a dumping ground for politicians who had no serious Agenda, but were only there to earn public funds for personal survival.

“The Governor must wield his influence over Members of the incoming 8th Assembly, to ensure that a proper, experienced and capable leadership is installed, that will rebrand the perception of the Assembly in the minds of the average Osun citizen.

“Despite having a majority of new entrants into politics, the incoming Assembly is blessed with four experienced, ranking Members, who have the requisite qualification to lead the Assembly, according to the extant standing orders of the House, and have the necessary knowledge of the workings of the Legislature and can deliver a leadership that is focused on the enormous tasks before the Assembly.

“The Governor has the responsibility of consulting with these four experienced Members and several other important stakeholders, to agree on the most qualified, most experienced and most visionary of the four, who would be supported to become the Speaker of the Assembly.

“We believe that ensuring a more functional State Assembly begins from ensuring that Members elect a Leadership that has capacity,

experience and the right intentions.
“After this is done, the Governor then needs to ensure the true autonomy of the State House of Assembly, such that the House can function without undue interference from the Executive. Such autonomy can be with political guidance, but must not become a choke-hold that will hinder the House from performing its duties as a critical arm of government.

“Then, the Governor necessarily has to provide ongoing political guidance and support to Members of the House, to ensure that each of them remains committed to the delivery of dividends of democracy to the people that they represent. This is quite important as these Members stand as one of the most effective channels through which the State Government can reach the grassroots and get feedback from it.

“A functional legislature will play a huge role in the success of this administration, if encouraged and allowed to function according to its schedule of responsibilities.

Speaking on the past policies of government, the group however called the attention of the Governor to the fact that some past government policies are landmines that must be carefully avoided if his government will achieve any meaningful success.

“These policies we are talking about, have either pushed Osun into humongous debt in the past, or has unsettled the correct functioning of our systems and structure of governance. Such policies that have the track record of such negative contributions to Osun’s history, must first be thoroughly reviewed before re-implementation, if they ever have to be continued.

“Such policies can derail this administration and push it into the same confusion that once reigned in our dear State. The Governor must therefore not pander to political correctness in handling issues of State policy so that he is not misled into pursuing policies that will destroy whatever good intentions he has.

The group commended the Governor for the pro-people steps he has taken since becoming Governor. “We must particularly commend his decision to pay arrears of salary modulation owed the State’s Civil Servants, serving or retired.

“This step alone has rekindled the hopes of Civil Servants and made them more motivated to continue to discharge their duties in the interest of the State.

“We also commend the State’s domestication of the Startup act, knowing the huge opportunities embedded in the Act for the State’s youths and the State’s rapid industrialization.

“We advise that the Governor continues on this path of pro-people governance, so that the people of our dear State can continue to live quality lives that will see Osun develop in no distance tometime.

The group promised to continue to provide timely contributions of this nature, as they hope that government does not perceive criticism or contributions of this nature, as antagonism to their efforts.

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