We are taking our Lagos back, what happened at centre inconsequential – Jandor

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, Abdul-Azeez Adediran, aka Jandor, has described the outcome of the presidential and National Assembly elections as inconsequential to his chances of emerging victorious in the forthcoming governorship elections in the state.

Adediran made the statement while addressing a gathering of Igbo communities that endorsed him as their preferred candidate on Saturday.

He said from next week, Lagosians would be celebrating their freedom from the ruling party’s government that refused to condemn hoodlums attacking residents and traders in the state.

Adediran said, “By this time next week, all of us will be out of that government that will not let us breathe on the road and at market places. That government that releases hoodlums to be attacking its citizens without condemning it for one day, their days are numbered. Next week, we will put an end to their existence in Lagos.

“Please, make no mistake, put out the votes, I am ready to protect it. They have been threatening; Jandor is ready to deploy security both conventional and unconventional for next Saturday’s elections.

“Whatever that has happened at the centre is inconsequential, this is Lagos and we are taking our Lagos back.

“From May 29, 2023, in Jandor you now have a governor that will understand that your coming into Lagos is to add to our prosperity. If anybody says to us that Lagos is a rich state today, it is because of your contribution in Alaba, Ladipo, Trade Fair, among other places.”

Speaking further, Adediran said before the presidential election, all the Igbos he and his campaign team visited said they would follow their brother and assured him of getting their votes on March 11.

He added, “I told everybody that cares to listen that every PDP candidate that lost the election in Lagos did not lose to whoever they contested with, they lost to Peter Obi. Even though you (Igbo communities) did what we don’t like to us at PDP, you have been able to prove to us that you don’t change where you stand.

“Now, I know in this coming governorship election, Jandor has been identifying with you for a very long time, when Ladipo market caught fire, I was the only Lagos politician that went to the market off election season.

“This election that is coming is for our freedom; when they announce Jandor as the winner, the kind of jubilation that happened when Abacha died will happen in Lagos.”

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