Adeleke flags off N16b digital economy projects to improve Osun

Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke on Monday unveiled the state’s digital economy policies and flagged off laying of a broadband fibre optic project worth N16 billion to apply information communication technology in various sectors of the state.

Speaking at the Programme held at the Adolak event centre in Osogbo, the state capital, Senator Adeleke, stated that, the project would cover 64 kilometres of the state and place landmarks of the state on Google maps.

He however signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oodua Infraco to commence immediate deployment of Fiber Optics across Osun state.

“In line with the new National Broadband policy and the urgency of internet Fiber connectivity for Osun state, this government is waiving payment for Telecom Right of Way in return for free connectivity to our schools and health centres when the broadband project is completed.”

“My good people of Osun State, we are also harnessing the many talents Osun has in the tech sector. We are putting selected Osun tech leaders from all over the world into an advisory board. Today, I am inaugurating the First Digital Economy Advisory Board with 15 members. Their task is to support the state in our dream of transforming Osun into a digital economy state.”

“Permit me to commend my team for their wonderful performance on these landmark initiatives. I appreciate the team from the Ministry of Innovations, Science and Technology as well as specialists within the ICT Taskforce. You are consequently directed to work on the next phase which is the commencement of implementation of the policies and the initiatives.”

While stating that, the state government was in partnership with an ICT firm, Oodua Infraco for the execution of the state’s digital economy projects, Senator Adeleke maintained that, the policy is designed to identify and apply information communication technology in various sectors of the state.

He however explained that the new policy has ICT in agriculture, education, health, environment, administration, and infrastructure among others. This policy will change our state for the better.

“As part of our digital economy drive, Osun is poised to be the first State to domesticate the Nigerian Startups Act. This will be the first Executive Bill I will be forwarded to the State Assembly after this event. The Act is programmed to ensure that new start-up promoters and entrepreneurs secure desired mentoring and financing. The law once domesticated will enhance the goals of both the ICT and the Tech Innovation policy.”

“As e-commerce is at the heart of the digital economy, my administration also launched the Osun Goggle Mapping project. This is to ensure that Osun businesses and landmarks are placed on Google maps to start with. When I took over in November 2022, Osun Google Mapping coverage was below 30 per cent. I am happy to record that Osun Mapping coverage is today above 50 per cent. When we are to launch Phase 2, I will host e-commerce giants in Nigeria alongside Google Corporation

“All the above initiatives cannot see the light of the day without internet connectivity. I was told our state internet coverage is still very low. I am determined to change the narrative. To that end, I am reviving and re-launching today the Osun State Broadband Fiber Optic Project. ”

In his remark, the Chairman of the Oodua Infraco, Sammy Adigun assured the state governor of executing the projects within the stipulated time.

He, however, stressed that his team are ready to discharge their assignments in a classical way to make the state second to none in the digital economy.

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