Be wary of Adeleke’s phony projects for 100 days in office – Barr. Rotimi Adeyenuwo replies Acting Chairman,Osun APC

“Let me start replying my friend by calling his attention to the fact that if a change occurs in a normal clime,this should be seen as a necessary phenomenon.

“That events concerning human being are not static in life,but rather keep changing from time to time due to vagaries of determining factors.

In the instant case under reference,a Press Statement made by the Acting Chairman of APC in Osun State concerning the activities of the present government of PDP in the “State of the Living Spring” is spurious,unnecessary diversionary tactics,unwarranted and baseless.What could have informed the calling of the general public to be wary of the PDP adminstration that is about 2 months old in office?Is APC being hunted by the fear of docility and non performance of the last 12 years in office?

“If commissioning of projects across the 30 local governments of the state by the new administration of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke is APC’s headache,they should take it easy in order not to develop hypertension. What you are about to see in this 100 days in office of Senator Ademola Adeleke is a tip of the iceberg. PDP administration has being a performing one.

“So,the more you raise false alarm about the regime’s achievement, the more hatred you will create for yourself personally and the empty entity you are representing at this period of time as Acting Chairman. If you care to know,PDP won the governorship election of July 17th,2022 in the state with a wide margin.

“Coming to say the well planned projects to mark the 100 days in office of the adminstration by the governor is a “smokescreen skillfully designed…to curry unmerited public sympathy” is devoid of reasonable content.

“Sympathy from whom,and sympathy for what? This is misstatement,simple simplicita. If members of the public were not tired of the corruptive and incompetent administration of APC in the state,they wouldn’t have disgraced your party out of power through franchise after holding the jugular veins of the state illegally for a period of twelve years.

“Hinging your information about the adminstration of Senator Ademola Adeleke to evince your thought in thus regard is presumptive,preemptive and of no cognitive value.

“Why will you not call the good spirited and life transforming ideas of PDP adminstration a propaganda when all that your party,AC/ACN/APC adminstration at different times in the State of Osun could achieve in the 12 years they were in the saddle are in shambles till today?

” The clueless adminstration that left a mountain of debt to the tune of over #300 billion for the new adminstration to contend with cannot wash itself off the propaganda you,Sooko Tajudeen Lawal is accusing PDP of now.

” Is APC administration having the moral rights to accuse PDP of engaging social media to expose APC’s filthy past?Were they not known for using cyberspace to launder their corruptible regime image till it lasted?Yoruba,in their wisdom would say in this circumstance that “ohun ti akata ba je lo fi ma n lo omo egbe re”.

“For the simple fact that your party APC used propaganda to cover your malfunction for that stress of time does not connote our PDP administration under the indefatigable leadership of the Distinguished Senator Ademola Adeleke will do thesame. If you care to know our government is people friendly regime with lots of good ideas to correct the ineptitude nature of APC you served for that length of time.

” Let this sink in your subconsciousness that immediately PDP administration assumed the mantle of leadership in Osun State,the intelligent,ever vibrant and dynamic governor,Senator Ademola Adeleke constituted Transition Committee of well meaning personalities and technocrats to poke into the affairs of the winding up APC government in the state.

” Even without your APC government throwing open the state of affairs of the government to the Transition Committee,we were able to discover the inadequacies of your 12 years rule through the private and independent sources. The Transition Committee gave an interim report to the Governor elect on the areas his adminstration must beam searchlight into for optimum performance on assumption of office.

“With this interim report as the fulcrum and template on how to go,Governor Ademola Adeleke did not waste time by constituting various committees to look into the activities of his predecessor in the governance of the state with a view to block the identified and observable leakages in the government of Osun State.

“If however APC Acting Chairman think the achievement of PDP is a fluke within this short period of time of being in the public glare,he is doing so in error.You can see in our governor,a distinctive personality loaded with innovative ideas with credible and capable resource persons to implement his well conceived programmes.

“Another landmark reasoning is for the committees so created to collate different projects across the 30 local governments in the state that will be implemented to mark the 100 days in office,and in subsequent period of times.

“If Sooko Tajudeen Lawal is referring to this worthwhile and noble course as recommissioning the projects of the previous APC administration in the state,he is saying this from his dearth of knowledge.

” If l may ask,how many projects did Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola the defeated governor commissioned when he was directing the affairs of the state,that the rave of the moment, Governor Ademola Adeleke will recommission?Is it the looting of state resources and capital flight to their cronnies in Lagos State who served as consultants?

” I can now see the reasons underlining my friend’s pouring of venom and emotive feelings here.I can conveniently say at this juncture thatPolitics of Osun and the statecraft is no more in the care of looters as we have experienced in the immediate past.

“It is in APC of Osun that l can see the orchestrated recycling of dormant,inactive and egocentric individuals that dominated the public service space till their regime lasted that will still be bragging and celebrating nothingness. How will that government not crumble?

” Now that APC government had been booted out of Osun State,we shall patiently wait to see the type of abracadabra trick with which they can warm themselves to the embrace of good people of Osun State whom APC regime have oppressed this far with impunity. Once rejected at the poll by the good people of Osun State, it will be an uphill task for APC coming back to power in the state.

” Therefore,if Tajudeen Lawal is harping on the bought judgement of the Election Petition Tribunal to raise this false alarm and hope,it will soon be dawn on him when the tissue of lies erroneously believed as majority judgement in that matter is reversed by the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court in PDP’s favour as the case will be eventually.

“Regarding the Ijaya of Osun,Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke as the sacked governor remains Tajudeen Lawal or APC’s perceptual error.

“The governor will by His mercy and grace complete his two terms of 8 years in office.The earlier APC members in Osun advert their minds to this reality,the better for their health.

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