Ipade Imole: ‘Akin Adeyi Fabricated Lies Against Adeleke to Mislead People of Osun’ – Osun Leadership Forum

Osun Leadership Forum has stated that Akin Adeyi fabricated lies against Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun state in order to Mislead People of the state.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Chairman of Osun Leadership Forum, Hon. Sola Makajuola.

Read the full statement:

Akin Adeyi in his deceptive tactics to mislead and poising the good minds of the people of Osun State against the good government of Governor Ademola Adeleke in his press statement ‘Harvest of Adeleke’s pathological Penchant for Lies ‘ has cooked false information to decieve people.

Adeyi should be ashamed of himself and his party APC, to have claimed that ‘Ipade Imole’ is a general tradition initiated by the former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola in the state. Lest we forget that there was nothing of such during the regime of Chief Bisi Akande, a predecessor of former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of PDP. Was Adeyi out of the state during that time or he just joined politics in the state to have claimed that ‘Gbagede Oro’ that was initiated by PDP is a general tradition?

Adeyi needs to get it straight that ‘Gbagede Oro’ is a programme initiated by People’s Democratic Party to allow accountability and transparency in governance. The tradition was emulated by Adeleke’s government of PDP. Therefore, Adeyi should be warned to desist from claiming the glory that does not belong to him or his party.

However, it’s good to see that ‘Ipade Imole’ has now become tension for the oppositions in the state for allowing the people of Osun State to see the effort and the projects of Governor Ademola Adeleke and have straight contact with the governor.

Adeyi’s press statement that is full of lies has also become a feedback to this present government that oppositions are in big tension because, Ipade Imole has created a good avenue for governor Ademola Adeleke to have shared the hidden fact to the general public about his academic and the project that his administration executing .

Moreso, the issue of N 2 Billion palliative to be spent by Governor Ademola Adeleke, Adeyi should appreciate governor Ademola Adeleke to have declared openly that there is N2 Billion palliative on ground at Ipade Imole unlike Covid-19 Palliative that was keep in the dark. Lest we forget that the history of Covid-19 Palliative during the APC regime was a big mess, can Adeyi say something to that?

The people of Osun State have tasted the government of APC and now they have clearly seen the difference and why APC should be totally avoided, no worker in the state would pray to experience payment of half salaries in life again and no Nigerian would pray to experience the hardship of All Progressive Congress in Nigeria again.

Osun Leadership Forum again warns Adeyi to totally desist from talking down of Governor Ademola Adeleke with lies and also stop claiming the glory that does not belong to him or his party All Progressive Congress.

Signed Hon. Sola Makanjuola (Chairman)

Com. Oluwasanmi A. Olabisi (P.R.O/Spokesperson)

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