Mandela’s Mansion: Grandchildren leave residence over unpaid electricity bills

The home of a former South African President, Nelson Mandela, where he lived before his demise has been abandoned.

According to a South African journalist, Silindelo Masikene, in a tweet on Friday, the ex-President’s grandchildren, who were the home’s last occupants, left due to unpaid electricity bills.

Sharing photos of the house, Masikane wrote, “EXCLUSIVE: The last place former president #NelsonMandela called home has been abandoned.

“The mansion on 12th Avenue in Houghton was being occupied by Mandela’s grandchildren but they moved out after the lights were cut due to unpaid utility bills – which according to his grandchildren are supposed to be paid by the Nelson Rolihlala Mandela Trust.

“10 years after the statesman’s death and his estate has still not been wind up.”

Credit: X | Sili_Masikane

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