Adeleke presents Bond certificate to contributory Pensioners in Osun state

The Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has presented Bond certificate to contributory Pensioners at the state capital today.

According to the Governor’s statement on Thursday, stated that the state is redeeming its battered image due to the bad conduct of the previous government.

He continued by apologizing to pensioners for what he described as I’ll treatments from the past governance.

“Permit me to first apologize, on behalf of Osun state, to our pensioners, for the ill treatment of the past. You had laboured hard to serve the state. It is unfortunate that the past government decided to ignore and deride your significant input and contribution to state development.

Accept our apologies.

“Since I took over the administration of this state, my constant focus is how best to resolve all outstanding workers related debts. It is unacceptable for a government to treat its pensioners the way the past government had done. I had decided never to follow that path. Workers, in and out of service, deserve their due emoluments.

“It was in that spirit that I attended to the issue of half salary. We are paying it and we will clear all outstandings based on our people-oriented template.

‘Let me make this clear. I am not doing you any favor. I am only fulfilling the task you voted me to do. It is in that spirit that I am extending this attention to the contributory pensioners.

“Under the Contributory Pension Scheme, I ordered the release of a sum of N700m between November, 2022 and January, 2023 for bond certificates for retirees at the State level.

“For retirees at the Local Government level, I approved the sum of N828m for bond certificates for retirees in primary schools and local governments between November, 2022 and January, 2023.

I have also acted with respect to the Old Pension Scheme.

“At the State level, from inception of the administration to the end of January, 2023, a sum of N200m has been paid as gratuity.

At the local government level, the sum of N150m has so far been released as gratuity to retired local government staff and primary school staff.

Today, 119 retirees cutting across the civil service, parastatals and tertiary institutions are being given their bond certificates totaling N632,952,655.56.

For local government service, 62 retirees are to be given bond certificates totaling N205,428,602.07.

Primary School retirees totaling 92 will be given bond certificates totaling N621,819,731.03.

“In summary, our government has so far released a sum of N1.528bn for bond certificates for retired workers of both State and Local Government while a sum of N350m had equally been released as gratuities to retired staff of local governments, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, civil servants, staff of parastatals etc.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my commitment to addressing these inherited debts is a fact. I am in government today because the people of Osun voted for me. They expect me to deliver on all my electoral promises. I am doing exactly that-meeting the needs of the people across the sectors.

“The ultimate goal of any government is the welfare of the people. Any government that refused to serve public good has failed constitutionally and morally.

“My great people of Osun state, expect more satisfaction from your aspirations. I have no other job than to make you happy by enthroning good governance.

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