OPINION: The Fake Akewi And His False Messages

By Ibukun Fadipe

You must have listened to an ewi by a purchased artist who voncorted lies to attack Governor Ademola Adeleke. I listened to the ewi and I can tell my readers the contents are lies from the pit of hell.

I am sure the singer and the sender of this video know nothing about osun state. Or they are mischievous. Or they are members of the olule group still at pain over the loss of the governorship. All the allegations raised are baseless and mere fake news.

First he mentioned the question of who the contract is awarded to. All Osun government contracts were advertised and awarded in line with due process. If the Akewi is not illiterate,he will know that details of any awarded contract can be gotten from the Government using the Freedom of Information Act. There was no diversion of public funds and the jobs were being done as stipulated. Much more, the evidence of many jobs done are seen by all.

Secondly, the political Akewi raised false alarm over the palliative fund remitted by the Federal Government from monies owed the states.The Akewi lied when he asserted that only repairing of buses was done from the two billion naira palliative fund. By repairing the buses, the Governor was being prudent. Oyetola left those buses to rot away

The wage award of N15,000 and N10,000 for workers and pensioners were sourced from the N2 Billion. The workers and pensioners are not ingrates as they appreciated the Governor by giving him an award

The N7 Billion infrastructure intervention fund refunded by the Federal Government is meant for infrastructure upgrade. Governor Adeleke created a special project account where the N7 Billion was put for use under the government multi billion naira infrastructure plan announced a few months ago. Akewi is clearly a liar as demonstrated above.

Also the man promoted fake news by saying that no rice was shared. The sharing was publicly announced and was handled by a committee made up of members from.various public organisations. The sharing was televised live for many days.

On the Imole Youth Corps, the project is coming to support the youth with skills they can apply for bigger jobs. The youth corps is already in budget 2024.

So all what the Akewi said was therefore mere tissues of lies.

As I listen to the ewi, I think both the.Akewi and those who gave the akewi the job are a bunch of shameless people.

An APC tthat left Osun with over N500 billion debt should be ashamed to condemn a government that is clearing the mess.

An APC government that left over 100 billion naira half salary and pension is not morally right to question Governor Adeleke who is paying back those debts.

An APC government that abandoned several road project should be reprimanded for attacking a Governor Adelekw that is completing those roads and projects.

An APC that punished workers and pensioners should be booed for the effrontery to question a Governor Adeleke that is putting smiles in the faces of workers.

An APC that looted contributory pensioners money and cooperative funds is wicked enough to abuse a Governor who is attending to those debts.

The Akewi who was paid peanuts did not know that the APC government looted government quarters and went away with government cars and vehicles. For almost a year now, the state has been struggling to buy replacement cars and rehabilitate government quarters looted by the paymaster of that Akewi.

Instead of asking his paymasters to return looted vehicles, the shameless Akewi is questioning the efforts of the government to provide operational vehicles foe government officials. What a shame!!

I must also clarify that Dr Deji Adeleke has no son as a contractor in Osun state. The Adeleke family is blessed by God and neither Dr Deji nor any member of the family is involved in any contract in Osun.

The Ewi is an attempt to blackmail the state government but it has failed. Osun people know the truth and they can see the performance of Governor Adelekw all over the sector.

Two points to close. First not everybody is a thief as was witnessed under the APC government. Governor Adeleke is from a billionaire family with the main focus of serving the people of Osun state.

Secondly, the current hardship facing our people was triggered by policy decisions in Abuja. Governor Adeleke is doing well to relieve the pain of the people and develop the state.

Liars and political idiots masquerading as lovers of the people should prevail on their paymasters to return vehicles charted away from Osun. The government will soon go after them.

‚óŹ Fadipe is the Chairman of SUBEB

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