Senegal: PM chosen as Presidential candidate for 2024 elections

Senegalese President Macky Sall officially nominated his Prime Minister, Amadou Ba, as the candidate representing his party in the upcoming February 2024 presidential election. This significant announcement was jointly made by the presidency and the government coalition.

President Sall, who had been in office since 2012 and secured re-election in 2019, declared in July that he would not pursue a third term, thereby addressing constitutional concerns.

Consequently, he was given the authority by his party to select a candidate of his choice.

62 year old Amadou Ba has been serving as prime minister since September 2022 and was considered one of the frontrunners among the approximately ten declared candidates within the presidential party who aimed to succeed President Sall.

The government coalition, Benno Bokk Yakaar, highlighted their choice on social media, declaring Ba as the coherent choice for victory in the first round.

Amadou Ba’s nomination received formal approval during a meeting of coalition leaders held at the presidential palace, broadcast live on national television.


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