(OPINION) Osun APC: A Group Of Cynic Vampires

By Olalekan Badmus (Phoenix)

‘Inferiority’ is a complex that affects its victim’s mentality and destroy their emotions. A psychologist, Dr. Michael Brustein opined that “people who feel inferior and have low self-esteem” often fall into the habit of projecting their own feelings of not being good enough onto others.

For several years, the people of Osun state have had to endure mediocrity in the gruesome hands of the APC. We were told to be thankful for receiving less; we were deceived to be singing praises of perpetual failures while looting our treasuries dry because to them, we may never see the ‘light’.

As a people, we were held hostage by these group of ‘vampires’ who paraded themselves as ‘silent achievers’ while they held sway on our collective resources. But for our resilience in the face of strong and intense provocation from these power-mongers, we would have been condemned to a fate- one of doom and gloom.

After the July 16th, 2022 electoral loss of the APC in Osun State, there were instant jubilation and an exciting atmosphere erupted, even though the party would go on to rule for another four (4) months before exiting unceremoniously. The counting down party began gaining membership and support every seconds from citizens who cannot wait for this failed party to just ‘PACK N GO’.

So far, it has been so good for the ruling party ably led by Governor Ademola Adeleke in Osun State. So good that the opposition party APC in the state cannot wait to show their cynicism even on mundane issues; so terrible that they are feeling inferior in less than just a year out of power.

The party as a whole has been showing strong signs of “bipolar disorder” since their inglorious exit from power. The failure to rightly retrospect on their failed tenure has led the party to sink further and condemned to the dustbin of history, a position the PDP and Governor Adeleke is working tirelessly day and night to make their permanent abode.

Every landmark achievement of the PDP and Governor Adeleke gives the opposition party, APC, intense nightmare and rightly so. From completing projects abandoned by the APC who consistently cite lack of fund while expending same on trivialities, to paying backlog of salaries, pensions and gratuities inherited from past administration of the APC who did not only made several excuses for its non payment but also boasted loudly that nobody can attempt its payment.

We can understand that the APC as an opposition party in the state are feeling dejected and oftentimes forgotten, no thanks to the excellent performance of Governor Adeleke. It is so bad for the APC that they feel the need to constantly display what we can accurately now refer to as a “proof of life”. This proof of life is to show that they still exist even if they now live in vacuum.

Governor Adeleke’s led government announced the receipt of 2bn and some trailers of rice from the FG as part of the palliative items disbursed to all the 36 states of the federation some weeks ago. The first batch of the rice palliatives have since been disbursed to various interest groups in the state to share fairly among their members while the State Government promised to further announce how best to expend the 2bn received.

This was done in the spirit of transparency and open governance agenda of Governor Adeleke’s administration, a complete departure from the past administration of APC who did not only receive similar intervention from the FG in multiple folds (dubbed FG bridge financing) to the tune of 18bn even after losing election but failed to explain to the public how the fund was expended even till today.

Accountability is alien to the APC and they feel understandably triggered anytime this administration displays such. The recent noise of the Osun APC about the 2bn palliative is nothing but a “proof of life” of her existence as the good people of Osun State are well assured of its judicious usage by the transparent administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Their noise is a projection of their habits and traits of misappropriation of public funds while in office and an attempt to sulk blood from the body of the innocent citizens. It will serve the people well to deny them this privilege and continue to watch with some amusement from afar as they continue to battle from their perilous territory.

Olalekan Badmus (Phoenix) writes from Osogbo and can be reached on basletp2@gmail.com

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