Aunty Ramota hospitalised after allegedly indigesting pills to enlarge backside

Actress Ramota Adetu aka Aunty Ramota has been hospitalised after she allegedly indigested pills to give her a bigger backside and make her curvier.

She was captured in a clip fast asleep in a hospital bed where she was receiving treatment

The lady, who captured the scene also displayed some of the pills the petite-sized entertainer had allegedly been consuming that landed her in the hospital.

According to her: “It was discovered that Aunty Ramota was using a lot of unprescribed drugs to enhance her bum bum”.

The clip’s caption reads: “Aunty Ramota lands in hospital in search of big bum bum.”

This is coming few months after the comic actress fell victim to the scam phone sellers.

She reportedly bought a new phone from a phone vendor only to open it and found a mould of ‘fufu’ inside.

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