How Malian Military is Fighting Terrorists

In order to further boost the morale of the troop to face the challenges of insecurity, the commander of the PCIAT Center of Operation Maliko, Colonel Mamadou Massaoulé Samake decided to go into contact with the men on the ground. It is with this in mind that he went successively to Bandiagara and Douentza in sector 4 of Operation Maliko.

 The objective was not only to come and see firsthand the living and working conditions of its men engaged in the theater of operations, but also to bring the message of support and accompaniment from the highest authorities of the country.

It was through the Bandiagara tactical command post that Com-théâtre began its visit to establish contact with sector 4 of Operation Maliko. On the menu of exchanges: The security situation. He met the men, gave them advice and thanked them for the many efforts made on the ground.

Colonel Samaké recalled that the Maliko operation which we are talking about today will take place in three important phases. The first phase will consist in tracking down and neutralizing armed groups to their last entrenchments. The second will focus on stabilization and reintegration into socio-economic activities.

To do this, he called on the FAMa to remain focused and to have the latitude to do their mission well. “We’re going to do this job no matter what the cost. The government is relentlessly putting in the necessary means. Cohesion and group spirit must prevail. We must fight together to dominate the enemy,” he told the men.

After this stage, the Com-théâtre and its delegation met with the administrative authorities of the city of Bandiagara. The security situation and the rise of the FAMa dominated the debates. The governor of the Bandiagara region, Sidi Mohamed El Bachir is delighted with the work done by the Malian Armed Forces. According to him, almost everything is back to normal. ”

The security situation has improved a lot following the commitment of the FAMa who are hard at work to secure people and their property. There are steps we need to take to enable the army to be more effective in its mission to recapture territory,” he said.

Different place same reality. In Douentza, the security situation was once again at the heart of the debate. Here too, we greatly appreciate the work of the FAMa. Opportunity for the director of cabinet of the governor of Douentza, Abou Diarra to say that the population is very satisfied today with the security situation. ” The patrols which are being carried out on the ground reassure the population more,” he argued.

The Com-théâtre was impressed by the morale of the troupe during their meeting. So he asked them for more vigilance and cohesion and to maintain good collaboration with the population for the success of their mission.

Wherever the delegation went, the minute of silence was observed in memory of all the civilian and military victims of the crisis.

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