University of Ilesa: Osun APC driven by Ignorance– PDP

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dismissed the All Progressives Congress (APC) as lacking the requisite understanding on what it takes to run a successful university, noting that its criticism of the Ademola Adeleke administration on due diligence before the take-off of the University of Ilesa is clear indication of ignorance and emptiness.

This was confirmed in a statement signed by the PDP Caretaker Chairman, Dr Akindele Adekunle on Saturday, reminded the opposition party of the PDP’s record of establishing enduring institution like the University of Osun (UniOsun) unlike the APC that is known for nothing but destroying institutions.

Dr. Akindele said the APC should be ashamed of itself for the sordid job it did with the University of Ilesa in the deceitful attempt to drive votes for Oyetola in his failed re-election bid, stressing that the interest of Governor Adeleke is to make the institution sustainable and stand the test of time like UniOsun.

“It is a public knowledge that the PDP administration had a record of establishing institution that can endure the test of time, a record the APC in Osun shamefully lacks,” the statement noted.

“This is a record Governor Adeleke is doing everything to sustain, not the deceit that Oyetola and the APC tried to pull on the people of Ijeshaland just for their votes. Unlike Oyetola, Governor Adeleke does not have the intention to give Ijesha people temporary joy, hence, he is doing everything to put long lasting infrastructure in place to ensure that once the University take-off, it will encounter no challenge that could halt operation.

“The reason for this is not far-fetched as it is well known to the public that Governor Adeleke was the first to promise Ijesha people a University during his 2018 governorship election campaign at the Palace of Owa of Obokun. At that time, the APC, including Oyetola laughed it off, and think of it as impossible, until it was few weeks to the 2022 governorship election when Oyetola hurriedly came up with the idea just to drive voters, and not because he was sincere about.

“The PDP said Oyetola was not sincere in the establishment of the University of Ilesa, explaining out that a lot of key issues were left unattended to by the past administration.

“The law establishing the University was hoarded and kept away from the public just as nothing concrete was done about the workers in the College of Education that was upgraded. Also, the funding and sustainable plan of the University was treated shabbily,” Dr. Adekunle pointed.

“These and more were the issues inherited by Governor Adeleke, which explains his decision to set up a technical committee headed by a renowned academia who is an Ijesha to review them and come up with plans on resolving them for effective take-off of the University.

“Yesterday, the committee submitted its report and the Governor will soon issue a White Paper report, and get everything in order. The APC may find this hard to understand as it is not used to sustainable planning due to its penchant for destroying things.

“Governor Adeleke made it clear yesterday that the University of Ilesa has come to stay and we believe that very soon, the University will take-off and go on to be a pride for Osun state just as UniOsun is doing excellently well,” the statement concluded.

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