NCSU exenorates Gov. Adeleke Over Valentine’s celebration

By Tosin Olanrewaju

Our attention has been drawn to an inaccurate perception or insinuation of a group of individuals regarding the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration on February 14.

I must set the record straight on this:The celebration of Valentine’s Day in Osun State began five (5) years ago, in fact, towards the end of the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the previous governor of the state.

I was the leader of my great union, the Nigeria Civil Service Union, in Osun State at the time, which was held in conjunction with the office of the Head of Service and at which the state governors were present.Without a doubt, I must say that throughout the previous administration’s four fruitful years in Osun, we carried out the same actions. We believe the project should continue since it gives us another opportunity to showcase the skills of our teammates.

It seems natural to me that we gather here to show our affection for one another, to converse, to speak, to enjoy games, and to relax. We wouldn’t dismiss the reality that the country is tense right now, that much is true. I want us to be aware of the reality that Nigeria is not in a good condition right now.

Despite this, politicians continued to travel between States and conduct their campaigns across the nation, nobody made a remark, voiced a complaint, or forbade them from doing that. none of them were stopped.Because of the lack of fuel and the inability to withdraw money from our banks, neither you nor I are able to travel around freely or go to our various places of employment, but politicians can campaign everywhere without being stopped or being seen as taking the wrong action.

You and I need to be aware that although there is depression all around the country, nothing terrible will happen as a result.The features of the Osun Workers Valentine’s Day Celebration are all about finding a way or ways to make ourselves happy and unite. If it’s Ayo Olopan, Draft, Table Tennis, Ludo, dancing, or anything else you’re good at, let’s do it together and make ourselves happy..

Despite our concern for the state of the nation, we must first take care of our own happiness. Although there is anxiety and depression everywhere, no one is currently prepared to go to heaven. Since smiling is a different way of maintaining calm during a time of great pressure for Nigeria, please do so.I want to implore Osun State residents not to let outsiders engage in political games with us.

Please let Osun workers choose to be joyful. I appreciate each and every one of you.•Comrade (Dr.) Christopher Abimbola Arapasopo, State Chairman Nigeria Civil Service Union, Osun State

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