OSHIA Begins Training For Healthcare Providers on Automated System

Osun Health Insurance Agency (OSHIA) on Monday began a four day capacity training for healthcare providers with the aim of reducing paper works and hard copies to the bearest minimum within the operations of the agency

During the training program at the Nigeria Medical Association’s (NMA’s) building in Osogbo on Monday, the Executive Secretary, Osun Health Insurance Agency, Dr. Rasaq Akintunde Akindele, stated that the Agency is automating its system fully.

In his words, “The purpose of this training is because we are automating our system fully and we want to make sure that the era of bringing paper works and hard copies to the agencies by the service providers are reduced to a bearest minimum.

“We are organising the training for all the medical directors of hospitals that work with Osun Health Insurance Agency on how to use the application. From the time a patient is in the hospital to the time such patient is investigated and treated, it’s going to be fully automated. As they are doing it from their own end, we will be seeing from our own office.”

He further stated that even when the patient is referred, the referrer code is generated automatically online and when such patient gets to referer hospital, the treatment continues from where it stopped.

“Claims management is also going to be automated, once it’s sent online, within fourty eight hours, the money will be paid”, he added.

A software developer, Omotoyosi Ogundairo who is the application software developer in his address disclosed benefits that the participants are going to gain at the end of the training.

According to him the application is very easy to use, as it aimed at reducing the burden of filling forms and making claims through writing of papers.

He said, “The application is very easy to operate and seamless. At the end of the training, the service providers would have been equipped with required knowledge on how to make use of the application to treat and refer patients.”

One of the participants, Dr. Shekinat commended the leadership of the Osun Health Insurance Agency for putting up the training adding that the training is long overdue as it is needed to update healthcare providers on the new automated system introduced by the agency while urging other participants to take the advantage of the training to update themselves.

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