OSUN: Adeleke’s Performance A Source of Nightmare to APC, says PDP

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has lambasted the main opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) for trying to downplay the performance of Governor Ademola Adeleke in the state, noting that the APC knee jack denials cannot change the reality of the monumental achievements of the Adeleke administration.

Reacting to a statement by the Chairman of the APC in the state, the PDP through a statement signed by its Chairman, Hon. Sunday Bisi, described Sooko Tajudeen Lawal and remnants of the distraught opposition in the state as people with hostile history with the truth, pointing out that its assessment on the commendations for Governor Adeleke is bad politics taken too far.

Hon. Sunday who affirmed that Governor Adeleke has made giant strides in the state worthy of commendations that come his way, noted that the achievements of the Adeleke administration is visible to all except for chronic denials like Sooko Lawal and his co-traveller.

“For Sooko Lawal, he would go down as a politician who is always at war with the truth no matter how glaring it is. He elevated his well-known penchant for twisting reality to the most despicable height by openly disputing the lines of achievements of Governor Adeleke in the last 10 months,” he noted.

“It is illogical, if not absurdity, for Sooko Lawal and the APC to deny Governor Adeleke of the credit of the completion of the 10km Osogbo-Ikirun dual carriage road. Contrary to the misleading position of Sooko Lawal, the road is what it is today due to Governor Adeleke’s pragmatic leadership, which was duly acknowledged by the contractor handling the project, otherwise, it could have suffer the same faith as many other projects abandoned by the Oyetola administration.”

Hon. Bisi called on the APC to be reasonable in its opposition role and stop the ridiculous resort to falsehood in the desperate attempt to return to the reckoning of the people, warned that Osun people are smarter than the pedestrian approach of the APC to politicking.

“While we sympathize with the APC for lacking the character and capacity to adequately carryout its opposition role, we must however warn that it would be making a grievous mistake to think it can hoodwink the people with lies and irresponsible posture that seems to define its strategy lately,” he noted.

“It is shameful to note that the Osun APC is lost on how to go about its opposition role with recklessness in regurgitating plain untruth, instead of constructively engaging the government. Osun people can not be swayed by patent falsehood when they can see for themselves the monumental achievements of Governor Adeleke.

“Unlike the APC that dwelt on phoney achievements while it lasted in the government of the state, the people can see and are already using the more than 50 kilometers of roads spread across Osun state, even in Sooko Lawal hometown of Ile-Ife. They can see boreholes discharge water for them in their wards unlike the borehole projects the APC used to steal public fund as recently reported by a media organization.

“Osun people can see and even a part of the over 50,000 people that has benefited from the Imole Surgical and Medical Outreach of Governor Ademola Adeleke. They can see the incredible transformation of public schools across Osun state made possible by Governor Adeleke.

“No matter how hard the Osun APC may want to deny it, the achievements of Governor Adeleke are too visible to be dismissed. The APC can continue to leave in self denial and think it can misled the public on the true situation of Osun state, but we are much assured of the fact that the achievements of Governor Adeleke speak for themselves.

“We also want to challenge the Osun APC to publicly disclose the 30 members it claimed was killed by the PDP, and provide convincing evidence in that regard. Just as we had maintained in the past, the PDP has no hand in any of the killing, but rather a victim of the APC violence, and unlike the APC, we not only have names of those killed by the APC but also their pictures and existing relations.”

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