“Total abomination” Lagos govt expresses displeasure over ‘Gangs of Lagos’ movie

Lagos State Government has expressed displeasure with the promoters of the “Gangs of Lagos” film/series over what it described as “total abomination” adding that the movie portrayed the culture of the State in negative limelight.

Reacting, the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf said the Ministry, being the regulatory body and custodian of the culture of Lagos, said the film/series is “very unprofessional and misleading while its content is derogatory of our culture”.

“It is an unjust profiling of a people and culture as being barbaric and nefarious. It depicts a gang of murderers rampaging across the State,” she added.

Akinbile-Yussuf in her submission, stressed that “the Eyo Masquerade” as portrayed in the movie is “equally used as a symbol of honour for remarkable historical events”.

“It signifies a sweeping renewal, a purification ritual to usher in a new beginning, a beckoning of new light, acknowledging the blessings of the ancestors of Lagosians,” she opined.

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