Fact check: Sweden Sex Championships a malicious deception

  • Sweden is not holding a ‘sex championship’

In June 2023, numerous news media outlets worldwide, spread reports stating that Sweden had officially declared sex as a sport and was hosting Europe’s first-ever sex competition. However, it was later discovered that this was a hoax. Several fact-checking organizations and reputable news sources have refuted the claim, pointing out the lack of evidence and credibility supporting it. The misinformation began circulating on various online platforms, causing confusion and misleading the public.


On various news outlets and social media platforms, news claiming “Sweden Hosting First-Ever Sex Competition” and “Sweden Officially Declares Sex as a Sport” emerged, asserting that Sweden was organizing a sex championship. According to those news, the competition allegedly included various categories such as “oral sex” and claimed that participants from around the world were gathering in Sweden to compete

Debunking and fact-checking

Following the dissemination of the misleading article, several reputable fact-checking sources investigated the claims and debunked them. Serveral news outlets and Newschecker in published fact-check articles discrediting the news and revealing the falsity of the claim.

Fact check: False

“All this information is false,” Anna Setzman, spokesperson for the Swedish Sports Confederation, said in a written statement from Stockholm. “Right now, false information is being spread in some international media about Sweden and Swedish sports,” she added. “These are vigorously denied.”

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