Fake Workers’ Union Now in Town – Group Alerts The State Government

By James Bamgbose

The Osun Democrats for Democracy (ODD) has alerted the Osun State Government under the leadership of Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke about the pseudo-group named the Osun Worker Union (OWU) impersonating the Osun State workers with a move aimed at falsely depicting State workers as opposing Governor Adeleke’s administration.

In a statement released by the Chairman of Osun Democrat for Democracy (ODD), Comrade Abdulmarauf Odunlade clarified that, based on their research, no legitimate union by the name of Osun Worker Union exists. The group is fraudulent. If this alleged union claims to exist, they should disclose their leadership.

“The assertions made by this purported group are as false as the group itself. Governor Adeleke has since his day one in office ensured transparency and accountability through his style of leadership. Those behind the pseudo-union are uncomfortable due to their history of governing in secrecy for 12 years, resulting in the state’s burdensome debt.”

“Accusations of malfeasance against the People’s Governor, who advocates for fact-checking, only reinforce our findings regarding the group’s dubious origins. The fabricated figures provided by the pseudo-union should be substantiated with evidence.”

“As for their misleading claim of N9 billion in palliatives, this is utterly untrue. Governor Adeleke clarified the funds’ allocation. Let us not forget that while the Federal Government announced a N5 billion subsidy palliative for the state, only N2 billion was disbursed.”

“During the Ipade Imole, the Governor specified that the N2 billion was allocated for purchasing new buses for intra and inter-city transport. The remaining N7 billion is earmarked for infrastructure, not as a palliative fund. This N7 billion forms part of the Federal Government’s owed sum to the State.”

“Only those against the state’s progress would fail to recognize Governor Adeleke’s efforts to address the dilapidated state of infrastructure left by the APC and criticise this as wasteful neglects the extravagant spending by the immediate past Governor. I wonder where the said union were when the immediate Governor of the state wasted billions of naira to build the unnecessary Olaiya substandard bridge.”

“The pseudo group should be reminded that Governor Adeleke has been fulfilling his campaign promise that talks about adequate provision for workers’ welfare, salaries, gratuities and pensions.”

“It’s disheartening to witness the opposition party’s consistent letdown of the Osun people since their ousting from the Bola Ige house on November 27. Their continued pursuit of divisive politics reveals a lack of interest in the state’s development.”

“The Osun APC persistently endeavours to disrupt the positive rapport between the State Government and its workers. Their recent actions are extreme and contradict the role of an opposition party. Having failed as a government, they should avoid further missteps in their opposition role. Divisive politics will not advance the state.” He concluded.

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