Mali: Segou Military Commander Assesses State of Province

The new Commander of Military Region No. 2 (Ségou) and Commander of Sector 5 of Operation Maliko, Colonel Youssouf Oumar Cissé, accompanied by some of his collaborators, made his first field visit.

Forty-five days after taking command of the military region of Ségou, Colonel Cissé went to the camps and checkpoints in the localities of Macina, Bewani, Diabaly, Alatona and Niono to immerse himself in the conditions of work and life of its men to then encourage them and send them the congratulations of the highest authorities. 

This visit also allowed the head of the military region of Ségou to observe the collaboration with the populations and their support for the Defense and Security Forces in the fight against insecurity,

During his meeting with the troops, Colonel Cissé underlined the efforts of the authorities and the sacrifice of the Malian taxpayer for the reinforcement of the operational capacities of the Malian Armed Forces despite the embargo on our country, the constraints of the operational engagement. “I measure the scope of your difficulties. I will do everything to solve them according to the possibilities. I’m counting on you,” he said.

The commander of the military region of Ségou and commander of sector-5 of Operation Maliko also gave directives to the men for the continuation of the offensive dynamic within the framework of operations Kélètigui and Maliko.

 He placed particular emphasis on compliance with military regulations (discipline) and the rules of operational engagement. Be disciplined, follow the directives of your leaders, ordered Colonel Youssouf Oumar Cissé.

During his trip, the commander of sector-5 (Com-sector) of Operation Maliko, Colonel Youssouf Oumar Cissé discussed with the local administrative, customary and religious authorities on the security situation and the actions to be taken to support the military action in the quest for peace and stability. 

He affirmed that the raison d’être of the military is the tranquility of the populations by extracting violence. Colonel Cissé urged them to support his men. These authorities note an improvement in security in their areas. 

They reassured the Com-sector of their support for the authorities of the transition, of their availability to help the Malian Armed Forces while emphasizing their professionalism in the accomplishment of their missions and the good collaboration with them.

Colonel Youssouf Oumar Cissé replaced Colonel Didier Dembélé at the head of military region N°2. He was previously the director of the Koulikoro National Staff School. A position held by his predecessor.

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