Malian Army Chief in Morale Boosting Visit to Timbuktu

The commander of the PCIAT Center, Colonel Mamadou Massaoulé Samaké, accompanied by the head of the PCIAT center operations center, Colonel Patrice Dembélé and the J2 PCIAT center, Commander Djiguidiant Traoré made a field visit to Timbuktu. 

The objective was to inquire about the living and working conditions of the men, to ensure the operational capacity, the state of the equipment and the security system. After a one-on-one with the com-sector, a security meeting was held at the operations center (OC) of sector 3.

During the exchanges with the officers, Colonel Mamadou Souleymane Koné explained the situation, the difficulties, the achievements, and the expectations of sector three (03).

Colonel Mamadou Massaoulé Samaké met the Governor’s representative, Mr. Issaka Bathily, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, to seek his support in order to enable the FAMa to accomplish their missions in the best conditions.

This visit concerned the post of Goundam and Acharane. For 03 days, the com-theatre center and the troops of the two posts composed of all the corps exchanged, among other things, on the importance of cohesion, unity, good collaboration and the concerns of the troops.

The com-theater urged men to determination, commitment, vigilance, discipline and initiative for the safety of people and their property.

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